Saturday, 11 December 2010

Philosophically... Sticky???

My name is Hels and I am... a.... Holtz-aholic!!!! LMSO OOOOhhhhh, who is loving the 12 Tags of Christmas??? I certainly am but... alas, I am still waaaay behind on them for the simple reason that I have been far too busy making my own versions of them LOL *which reminds me, there is still time to leave a comment HERE for me to win the first tag I made... just saying* Anyways, The Duke of Distress, the Valedictorian of Vintage, nay and thrice, the Sultan of Stamping... well, he always is a total inspiration for me and this years crop of tags have been no different... so I took lots of different elements from his tags of new and old and put together this one :O))

So, I LOVE the Tissue Tape rosette... heaps and heaps, to the point that I have been sitting a-fiddling with all things tissuey for the last few days and ... made... a jumbo rosette! This is actually three, in graduating sizes, stapled together and then inked with Brushed Corduroy and a smidge of Wild Honey Distress Inks. Birdy is made the Tim way (see Day 3 on his blog for the deets) and I added black Enamel Accents to make an eye and a wing decoration thingy-wotsit.

Moving on... the title of today's post... mmm, what on earth am I on about this time??? Well, last night I was tripping the Skype-fantastic with Ellen and we were talking about Idea-ology, like you do (when you are a total Holtz-aholic) and I said that I was running short of Muse Tokens... and then I admitted why I am short on them... because, being a complete numty, I just ordered what I thought was a packet of Philosophy Tags and a packet of Muse Tokens... from two different shops like. Well, I have taken delivery of them and... yep, you guessed it... two packets of Philosophy Tags... and... erm... I didn't really need them anyway because I sat and counted them up and I have *ahem* 49 of the beggars. So, after me and Ellen had fallen about laughing at the overstocking issue, I said to Ellen, I have a new pack of Word Sticks too... and yep, I counted those and I have... 31 of the beggars!

Here is a piccie of them all... now, I know I am quite capable of using a ton of Idea-ology on one tag but I think it is going to take me a wee while to use all these up! ROFL Well, stocking up is a good thing, isn't it??? Oh and... I still need Muse Tokens cos I can't make yesterday's tag until I get a new pack - the only ones I have left say Courageous and I don't think it is possible for a snowman to be courageous... is it???

I have a very important job to do now... yes, it is that time of year when Grim puts up the outside lights and I really need to go and help (for that read, stand about pointing upwards and sort of holding onto the ladder, whilst being unsuitably dressed in slippers and no overcoat) Gotta dash, I can hear the ladders being put up as I type!!! Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fabulous tag hun, love the colour and the flower is wunderbar ;-)
Sorry I haven't joined in with SS for a while (I know it's not compulsory, but I do like to) just been busy :-)
Anne xx

Lesley said...

Hahahahaaaaaa....too funny!!
I'm always doing that, buying things that i've already got a heap of!!! If you need to offload any of the tokens i'll always take them of your hands! ;o)

Fliss said...

Gorgeous tag Hels and lucky you to have all those goodies - none here so I have to improvise all the time.
Got to give my hubby a nudge about the decorations as we've done nothing yet mostly as our 2 girls are at uni.

Minxy said...

And here's me struggling to find one token lol what are you like lol

Super tag hunny, i am so loving my first year of timmy tags, the only upside of me not working lol

Joanne said...

Oh god you are marvelous. I'm laughing my socks off at your antics. I thought maybe a courageous snowman might be one who stands near the outside heater singing carols!!!! Maybe not.
'Peg leg' did our outside lights on Thursday on his own, 'cos I was Timologying!!! xx

Helen said...

Love the tag, that is some tissue tape flower, love it lots. Hope by now you have kept Grim from falling off the ladder and your lights look good.
That is some idea-ology stash - I have one part used pack of each vriety - and then feel bad for using them. Maybe I need more of each, that's the answer - go shopping!!

oneoff said...

Snork! (at the Duke of Distress, Valedictorian of Vintage and Sultan of Stamping in particular) Have been imagining Mr H in appropriate garb for all of the above. Glad to see that you're in no immediate danger of running out of stash!

ellen said...

You crack me up! Hope the lights went up - sorry I didn't see it in person - maybe next time. And hope you were able to keep Grim falling off the ladder... LMSO! Now get busy using all those bits of ideaology! Imagine the size project it would take to use them ALL.... nahhh.... do lots of little ones... anywho... have a lovely day - talk soon...

Hugs, Els xx

Wendy H said...

Great tag Hels. Love the colours.As for the overstocks, I know and you know they will come in handy. It's just a question of when !!

Piddawinkle said...

oh to be overstocked on idealogy, what I buy is eaked put and only very special people end up with any ideaology, namely ME, LOL

Lucy Edmondson said...

Your tag is lovely, and yes, I think Snowmen are very couragious, I couldn't stand about like that in the cold with a carrot up my nose, could you?

Lucy x

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