Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ink On My Fingers???

...most definitely!!! Oh yes indeedily, today has been a very inky day - but more of that later. So, I may have mentioned that I have a visitor staying... just in passing like, not going on and on about it for weeks ROFL Well, yesterday we went to Londinium for a little look at Buckingham Palace and yes, Liz was in and she gave us a wave - actually it was chuffing freeeeezing there so we got back on a tube and went to Covent Garden for a little mooch. Whilst in Covent Garden we were accosted by Micky Mouse who started squeaking at us - I think he fancied Ellen LOL I mean really, Ellen comes all this way and all she sees in the very British Covent Garden is a bloke dressed up as a baaaad Micky Mouse ROFL Ellen is doing her England Calling report at the moment so if you would like to hear more deets about her adventures in Old London Town, please click here :O))

So... today is Ellen's last day here... yes, I have a VERY sad face on at the moment... I have to say, I am kinda hoping for a huge snowfall so the airport is closed... and I don't want her to go home!!! We have had hardly any snow - a couple of centimetres if that so we haven't even been able to build a snowman!

Anyways... the inky day today has been spent making tags - I am taking part in a tag swap on the Everything Wendy Vecchi group and have made five tags - all the same and all about 2" x 4" - so I got some Distress Inks and Grungepaper, Clearly for Art and of course, Studio 490 stamps and got playing. Ellen was using the Poinsettia stamp so I decided to improvise and make my own using just one leaf stamp, so, whatcha fink? Any cop?

Anyways... I have a heap more stuff to do today and I so need to get my Tim Tags made too.. can't believe I haven't even started them yet!!! Thanks for looking... I am off to find some tissues now.. I somehow think I will be needing them at the airport tomorrow... *sob!* TTFN

Hels x


Sandy said...

So wonderful Tags.
Absolutely perfect work Hels. Awesome hun.

Helen said...

Gorgeous tags, Hels - glad you haven't got any snow, wish I didn't! you can have mine if you like. Leaves? Aren't they lips, ROFL.... (I have a long memory!)

Caz said...

Have you really got a visitor staying with you - we would never have guessed!?!?!?!?!
Love the tags - they've turned out very well! It's flippin freezing here too -4.5 as I slid onto our drive tonight!!
Just going to have a gander at Ellen's blog. Fingers crossed for snow for you so she has to stay a bit longer.
Take care

voodoo vixen said...

You may have your visitor for a day or two more yet Hels, the airports seem to be struggling with the weather!! I am hoping my Mum arrives tomorrow... so yours is leaving and mine is arriving!!
Love the tags, the flower looks decidedly poinsetta-ish, you clever old sausage!!

Heather x said...

Sounds like you two have had a wonderful time :)
Don't wish too much for the snow....we've had that much that its upto the bottom of our car windows...its gonna take us days to dig it out lol.
*hugs* Heather x

Joanne said...

Crumbs, that visit went quick, surely Ellen only arrived yesterday! Love the tags and the poinsettia.
Luv Joanne xx

Claireabelle said...

Just fab Hels

Minxy said...

I can't believe you haven't started your timmy tags either... But your Wendy one's are very lovely indeed, and i like your one stamp poinsettia...
Didn't realize ellen was leaving so soon, guessing my parcel never made it to you in time{there was something in it for ellen too}never mind.
sending hugs for you both

Artyjen said...

You will have to make tags to get over the upset ;) TTFN Sioux

Wanda H said...

Love your tags, Hels!!! Can't wait to actually touch them... a piece of Hels art... oh, ya!!!!

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