Monday, 13 December 2010

Hanging About...

...flipping 'eck, it is... less than two weeks to the C word now and I have just had a mini panic that I still haven't made my cards yet... erm... think I will have to cancel all activities this week and get stuck into them... either that or buy some LOL So, instead of making cards I have been making a Christmas door hanging... using Paper Artsy stamps and Grungepaper... all the deets are HERE and all the stashy bits are available from The Stamp Attic.

I am going to change the habit of a lifetime now... and keep this post reaaaaaally short.. mainly cos I have those cards to make and I.. erm... *coughs* didn't get round to putting up the tree and the decorations yesterday so they need doing today... see, I am really good at avoidance tactics... thing is, you can only avoid stuff for so long before it has to be done.. so I am steeling myself and away I go to get covered in glitter and tinsel... thanks for looking... have a goodly day! TTFN

Hels x


craftimamma said...

Oooh, love this Christmas wreath Hels! I have to get my decorations done today too. I should have done them first weekend in December but I was too busy shovelling the tons of white stuff that fell on us!

I definitely look like buying the majority of my cards this year, Tut!!!

Lesley Xx

June said...

What a great idea and a fab wreath. beautiful work Hels
hugs June

ellen said...

Holy pointsettia grungeflowers, Batman! You are the queen of grunge... (you know what I mean) time you tell me you're out of grungepaper I think I might believe you! This is gorgeous!! Awesome job! Happy card-making and decorating! Hugs, Els xx

LynneForsythe said...

Girl....your wreath is AMAZING!!! still shakin' my head over it!!!

Cards.....I'm on strike this year...not gonna make em or send em...grinchin' it!!


Helen said...

Looks great, Hels. I wrote all my cards yesterday, apart from the last one or two still to finish! So get with it!!

Kathy Eddy said...

Gorgeous wreath Hels and hope you get all your decorating done and your cards made. I don't have my cards done either or my baking.

Sarah A said...

Beautiful wreath Hels, good luck with all the preparations!!

Sarah x

Joanne said...

That is beautiful. I want one! x

Morti said...

And as soon as the tree is up, you is needink to take a piccy and put it on the blog - we wanna see!!!!! You're also not alone in the not having made cards department - I just found a stash that I made last year and failed to send though!!!! ROFL

Lori said...

Gorgeous Hels! And good luck with the cards!

Linda Cain said...

Great job! Love it!

Caz said...

Beautiful wreath Hels. I still had the day off on friday even though the session at Wendy's was cancelled and I forced myself to make some cards. I now have 17 cards made but it took me all friday, saturday & sunday :-( The enthusiasm has disappeared again though so there probably won't be many more done!
Definitely going to need to buy some!
Enjoy decorating the tree!

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