Friday, 8 October 2010

Funky Chip-mas...

... yes, indeedily, friends, are you sitting down??? Only... I have been organised and... started making my Christmas cards!!! I know!!! It is October... I have this baaaaaaaad habit of leaving all things festive to the last minute... I mean, last year was an example of me being distracted... I managed to make a few cards... and then the rest were *hangs head* shop bought ones!!!

So, Bubbly Funk have this AMAZING chipboard from Tando Creative... I may have mentioned the odd million times how I LURVE this ... and there are some brilliant shapes... the Prancing Reindeer... I love him... here he is - a snippet of him that is... And... chip that slots together to make a 3D snowflake... I made a Bauble already!!! So, sneaky peeks of them here and if you would like to see them in their entirety please... CLICK HERE. You will be magically whizzed off to Bubbly Scrumptious... and today I have made sure that there is a festive train to take you there... complete with foglights too...

Foglights??? Nope, not lost the plot... I cannot see the end of the garden from my Room of Stash window... and believe me, our garden is teensy... in fact, it is that kind of fog that you can see moving about ... very ethereal *oooh, get me, big words & early mornings LOL* and... please don't hate me for saying this... but... it is MY favest time of year, foggy mornings and crisp evenings... apparently we are to have an "Indian Summer" this weekend... doesn't look like it from where I am standing but I would love to be proved wrong LOL Anyways... I am still in a state of UBER excitement... 50 days til Ellen arrives.. and... this keeps getting better... THE Wendy Vecchi left me a comment on yesterday's post... well it is cos of her that I met Ellen... how cool she took the time to come and leave me a comment... I am blessed! Right, am also sitting here in my PJ's in dire need of a shower... so I shall love ya and leave ya.... have a fabby day... TTFN

Hels x


Susan Allan said...

The reindeer is a great fun shape and I love the texture on the snowflake.
October is the right time to start on the Christmas cards, if you have a lot of them to make.

Have a great day
Sue xx

whyducks said...

very hot in Kent, sun cream on, so I am putting my head in the sand and hoping Christmas will go away! But I love your end of summer cards!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab chip-mas card hun, love the colours; the reindeer's gorgeous ;-) haven't left a comment on other blog 'cos Blogger's playin' up!
Have done my SS entry now :-) it's here
Anne xx

Helen said...

Ha! I've made one too. We have sun here in Surrey now, was misty this morning.

KAT said...

Hels - congrats on starting those Christmas cards! So one down - how many more to create? I told myself I would have all my completed by end of Oct this year - I better count them up and see how I am doing huh... Especially since I'll be gone seeing Tim Holtz in 2 week (I know you're drooling right?)

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