Friday, 17 September 2010

What? Another One???

... oh yes indeedily - I am determined to win a prize on the Compendium of Curiosities challenge... you know, Linda has arrranged some amazing sponsors and this weeks prize is just perfect... so, I figured... the more I join in, the more chances of my number being lucky... whatcha fink??? I don't think there is a limit to the amount of times you can join in... at least... ooops, I hope not!! LOL

So, I have this lovely friend who was celebrating her birthday this week so I made her a card... and you can see, I made it shortly after I had made my CCC tag... same colours and... erm, stamps... and... erm.. masks... *coughs* So, I am not keeping the old Room of Stash as tidy as I would have liked but... instead of putting away my stuff after using it, I am leaving it out and using it on the next one ROFL

And... you know that ever so clever and uber talented Wonderful Wendy Vecchi? Well, Wendy did a "how to" on her blog yesterday using some of her new stamps... and I thought to myself that I needed to have a little play with Grungepaper and seeing as... ahem... a few of the new sets have found their way to their rubber brothers who already live in my Room of Stash, it would be rude not to have a go! That there pic is my version of Wendy's flower... I prefer hers of course... she has that knack of just getting it perfect... anyways... mine it a little raggedy but I am loving the teensy flower in the middle on a Memo Pin which is filled with Glossy Accents.

I am in the middle of trying to make something for this flower to sit on... but I am in a destractable mood today... *is that a word??? Distractable ... not today ROFL* Do you ever have those days when you know exactly what you should be doing but do absolutely anything to not have to do the thing you are supposed to be doing? Nah? Oh, just me then LOL

So... I am sitting here in my specs... yes, indeedily, I have to wear eye correction impliments otherwise I am blind as a bat and that could be really embarrassing if I made a grab for Grim's bum in the Supermarket, only to realise it is some poor unsuspecting stranger... anyways... my contact lens fell out today - this is the first time this has ever happened and for some bizarre reason, I tried to put a new one in and it just keeps falling out... am starting to panic a bit cos I hate wearing my specs - they annoy me and invariably end up being sat on... plus, they slip down my nose and then I push them back up and I get ink stripes up my schnozzle *BTW, schnozzle is what Grim calls AlfieCat's nose - just in case you thought I was being rude!!* ... not a good look at all!! Are you feeling sympathy for me yet?? I am really trying to milk it you know ROFL... So....... that pile of stuff I have to do that is sitting there looking at me just so isn't going to go away... so I shall stop pontificating and say... thanks for looking... and... TTFN!

Hels x


Joanne said...

Well I think that flower is fantastic whether you can see or not. I wear lenses and glasses!!! Actually I need the specs for reading and I hate, hate them. Had contacts for 31yrs now. Must be near a record.
Luv Joanne xx

Helen said...

I love this. Colours, embellies, flowers, the lot. Oh, and tomake you jealous, got my tattered leaves alterations die in the post today - so am just going to play!!!

Tracy Evans said...

Snap Helen I got my Tattered Leaves too LOL oh and I have the other die that Hels has used on this piece too and I love love it and used it today. Great piece Hels and good luck with the challenge LOL. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans.

Sarah A said...

Might be the same bits and bobs as the other creation but this is still an individual piece! Love it.

Nowt wrong with the flower either, would look luverly sat on my new alterations leaves die which I should be the proud owner very soon!

Oh, Hels, I shouldn't really ask this as it may be a bit personal but you got me all curious now, you wrote "So... I am sitting here in my specs..." so erm my question is are you wearing ONLY your specs??

well if the answer is YES well there is nothing wrong with being a Naturist in your own home... but mind where your blade is, would hate for your clumsy self to sit on it haha!!

Good luck with the winning entries into the Compendium comp!

Sarah x

Heather x said...

I don't think there's any harm in entering twice...or more rofl...besides, we get to see more of your lush creations!
I started wearing reading glasses a couple of years ago, I hate them, they make my nose sore with all the pushing them back on.
*hugs* Heather x

Pat said...

Oh, your lucky friend will not mind that her card is like others! lol I know I would be happy to get one from you on my 74th birthday, coming up! Now how is that for milking it? rofl

Great job as always!
Hugs, pat

Beth said...


Julia Dunnit said...

It's not symapthy I feel it's empathy. And also, you going on - just putting off stuff really, coz you aren't in the mood - that's me tonight, I was so going to buckle down and clear some chores before the weekend! The leave it out to re-use it theory works for me -specially if it's always as effective as your lovely card!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can we really enter more than once? I should post all the tags I screwed up; that would give me quite an edge. :)

I have Joanne beat - I've been wearing contacts for 36 years! I've never had one fall out and KEEP falling out before. Maybe it's time to see the eye doc, sweetie.

Anyway, as always you've made something beautiful and I'm still first in line to come live with you (and play with your art supplies and eat your wonderful cooking and steal your kitty and such). Let me know when you've got the guest room set up!

craftimamma said...

The card is fab Hels and I bet your friend thinks so too. As for the flower well ................. that is just fabuloso! Love it!

Lesley Xx

SusanK said...

Gee, you must have been visiting my house today. I felt the same way. got nothing done other than making an apple pie. Love the card and WV flower! I've worn specs for almost 50 years. Even if I had surgery I'd still have to have them for reading. Contacts are out of the question with my vision, cataract and astigmatism. But at least I can see well enough to make art with my current glasses!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Gorgeous card and flower hun, love the colours you've used and it doesn't look raggedy to me :-)
Anne xx

Lori said...

Those flowers are grand! Love your piece for the CCC, too! I know, I keep hoping I'll win one of these days, but it never happens! lol!

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

WOW!!! You've outdone yourself AGAIN:) LOVE these colors and ALL the layers!

Linda Ledbetter said...

The only thing better than one entry from Hels? TWO entries from Hels! Honey, you can enter as many times as you want-- it just means we get to drool over more of your gorgeous creations!

This birthday card is THE BOMB, and your lucky friend is going to love it! You created a happy, lovely world I just want to walk right into!

And your Wendy-esque flower is FAB, too! ♥

I can relate to the specs issues. I had Lasik done three years ago, and I love not having to wear contacts anymore... but now I need READING glasses. Yeah, that makes me feel young. NOT. ;-)

She said...

Oh Hels, I LOVE this. The design is gorgeous and my favourite colours too. S xxx

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