Friday, 17 September 2010

In The *funky* Frame...& Some Pressies!

...Cor blimey... is it really a whole week ago since I was spouting off about someone fast-forwarding time??? And now, a week later and a week nearer to... erm... *whispers* Christmas... eeeek, I really need to get myself organised and start making my cards... but how can I eh? I mean, I am being distracted here, there and everywhere (ooooh, one of my favest Beatles songs there!) Anyways... I am being distracted (not difficult for one with an attention span of.... erm, what was I talking about??? ROFL)

So... it is Friday, which means my day for the Bubbly Funk DT - and being as I am in a "brights" mood at the moment, I thought I would alter a cheapy frame from Ikea... and that there pic is a sneaky peeps at what I made... if you would like to see how I made it and more pics... please CLICK HERE... today, I have arranged for a Helter Skelter ride to take you there, don't forget to tuck your elbows in and mind out that landing mat... can be a bit rough on the old bum if you have a skirt on... OMG, I think I have lost it totally!!! I have to credit Kat with the idea of the Tissue Tape and this piece was totally inspired by her amazing art! And... I also am going to enter it into the Compendium of Curiosities challenge too... cos I used a certain something on it that is this weeks theme... what am I on about??? click here... to go and see Linda's blog... all the deets are there :O))

So... yesterday was a FAB post day... I love my Postie... he brings me loverly pressies... first off was a box... nope, not ordered anything recently *she says, polishing her halo* Then I spot a certain Lynn Stevens' name on it... ooooh, be still my beating heart... I dived into the box.. not literally - I wouldn't fit LOL And.. in there... ooooh the most DIVINE shrine... made just for me! How COOL is THIS!!!!

I love love love owls... and I have always been a bit boring about Hallowe'en... not something I have ever celebrated really... but now... I am a total convert... so THANK YOU to Lynn!!! I will surely treasure this totally A~MAY~ZING work of art!

Then, there was a Jiffy bag... nope, still not ordered anything *polishes halo again* And in it... well, what can I say... apart from I made a little comment one day on Ellen's blog about me loving owls and collecting them... and inside the envelope were... the MOST ADORABLE owl charms... and an owl stamp... and a GORGEOUS acrylic card... the photo doesn't do it justice btw...
Aren't I a lucky girl? You should see the size of the grin on my chops!!! SO, thank you to both Lynn and Ellen for making my week! Hey, excitement time too... tis Grim's last night shift.. hurrah and thrice... so that means that I don't have to tippytoes about anymore... and... the birdbrain of the week award goes to.... erm... ME! Cos, I only went and forgot to bring my heatgun home with me after Wednesdays playdate... I have got a spare but it is one of those long blue ones and it is sooooo fast! I have one of the Heat Buddies and didn't realise how quiet and hot it is... my blue one is a poor substitute but I have to put up with it... I am going to write on the back of my hand to remind me to bring my Buddy home after next weeks playdate... what a numpty!!! I know why I forgot it... I had it plugged in next to a tall fan and was hooking it over the back of the fan to save me bending over everytime I wanted to use it... course, the fan is white, the heat gun is white... and I have been having a serious amount of .. erm... blonde moments recently LOL Thanks for looking... TTFN

Hels x


Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Oh Hels, you're so funny. You're always cracking out something fantastically crafty!

Anonymous said...

Wow..visiting your blog just keeps getting better all the time. Love, love, love your beautiful and extra special frame, it is beauti-licious. And you are sooooo lucky to receive a Halloween shrine from the talented Lynn Stevens. I just love peeking into your life! lol
Vicki B in OP NY

Marijane said...

Oh Hels, I just love what you did with the Ikea frame! The colors are so bright and cheery - just right to welcome in the weekend.

Vicki Romaine said...

Love your gifts especially the Haloween Haunted House from Lynn. She always makes me smile when she posts a comment on my blog.

You lucky girl to have such great friends and I always love reading your posts.

Jennie said...

funny post.. what planet are you on??????? lmao!!! love the pressies you got.. how fab are they:))
Have a great day

Helen said...

You nutter!! Love your post today. The work is gorgeous - yours and your gift from Lynn, and those owls are lovely!
Your frame for Bubbly is fabby, love the tissue tape!
Now, don't burn your fingers on your hot heat gun till you get your regular one back, will you!!

Helen said...

You nutter!! Love your post today. The work is gorgeous - yours and your gift from Lynn, and those owls are lovely!
Your frame for Bubbly is fabby, love the tissue tape!
Now, don't burn your fingers on your hot heat gun till you get your regular one back, will you!!

Helen said...

sorry, didn't mean to hit publish twice, was being too impatient. I know you'll understand that.....

Lynn Stevens said...

So Hels I'll be watching close to see what fun halloweeny (is that a word)? things you come up with. I just knew I could convert you! LOL Thanks for such a lovely post!
Oh I just picked up some of that tissue tape, haven't removed it from the wrapper yet,but soon. Great frame. I hope to do the challenge tomorrow, because well I was working on samples all day for you know who!!! LOL

Heather x said...

wow what a wonderful surprize, beautiful gifts you have received from wonderful friends :)
Off to have a closer look at the frame you've made :)
Have a great day babe :)
*hugs* Heather x

Joanne said...

An amusing, amazing read.
Luv Joanne xx

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Your tag is beautiful, but all the gifts, you lucky devil you! Do you have friends or what! xxoo

Lori said...

Cool piece, love those bright colors you've been using....And those pressies are just wonderful! Lucky you!!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the frame hun, lovely and bright :-)
Ooh what fab prezzies, lucky you :-)
Anne xx

Linda Ledbetter said...

Hels, if you ever decide to become a comedienne, you could make a fortune! You crack me up! :-D

Your "certain something" tag is just gorgeous, with those stunning, bright colors and the sweet stamping and flowers. The tissue tape is fabulous, and so are those nifty little stick pen embellishment. I'm SO loving it!!!

Also loving your darling Halloween house-- I was the lucky recipient of one of Lynn's uber-cool shrines, too, and I adore it! I love owls, too, and am admiring your new stash of goodies with only the slightest bit of envy. ;-)

Sarah A said...

I need to get me some friends like you have lol! You are indeedy a lucky lady and just maybe a tad, teeny bit potty! Helter Skelter.. whats that all about lol, you crack me up!

Off to Bubbly Blog (can't recell the proper name and can't be bothered clicking back to read it on your post hehe, anyway off to have a look


Toni said...

Hels, you never disappoint... I think I will add you to my bucket list... "someday meet Hels in person"...Your personality is definitly reflected in your art, happy, vivacious, colorful.... Have a beautiful creative day :)

KAT said...

You're in love the with tissue tape now right? Can't wait for the Halloween and Christmas tape to be available. Tissue tape can take something plain or trashy and make it a beauty!!!

Better get moving on your Christmas cards - it will be here before you know it!!!

inge said...

Hello Hels,

a yummy bright frame you made ! I love the combination of orange and blue.

Lovely flowers on the frame and I like your playing with the letters of "fly".

You lucky b.... not into halloween ? You better be with such a beauty you recieved ! If not... it would fit perfectly on my piano at halloween ...LOL

greetings from belgium

She said...

Your frame is gorgeous and I love your gifts, that House is just stunning. Love S x

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