Wednesday, 28 July 2010


....ssshhhh, tis me... just creeping in to give a quicky hellooooo...and say THANK YOU for your feedbacks and idea's etc for my LOVE hanging (featured on post below) and... say...SORRY... for not visiting anyone...well, I had fully intended to spend the odd hour this evening, you know, hoppity skipping around Bloglandia to visit you lovely WOYWW'ers... and... guess what??? The train home... first of all... cancelled... then delayed... apparently a nawty train up the line had burst into flames, been doused and then burst into flames again! How inconvenient....sooooo... I was late getting home... and... my poor little AlfieCat missed me so I had to give him a cuddle... then Grim had missed me... so I gave him one too * a cuddle...dirty minds ROFL*

*for a brief interlude in the inane is one of the pieces that I did for the Craft Stamper PVA Crackle piece that didn't get used in the mag... look at the birdy...ain't he just soooo cute!*

I had to LOL at some of those comments left though... especially Rosie... who said that the LOVE hanger wasn't my style so she'd happily take it off my hands...with some cake too LOL Nice try hun ;O)) Oh and that Minxy said more or less the same thing too :O)) Loving your idea's for altering the hanging... and one idea which I thought was GENIUS was from Darcy... who suggested making a background for the hanger...which could then be changed when I got bored with it... how clever! I think the general concensus was to alter that is what I will do! Erm...soon, like, erm...well, wait n see cos I have just had one of those lightbulb moments!

Another angle for the birdy housey thingy (available from The Artistic Stamper)

Anyways... the cake is for tomorrow (nearly today now!!) so not eaten yet... and Grim is over the moon cos Andrea made him some Caramel Shortbread... but get this... even though she went all out and made this for him... a huge box of it I lugged back from Kent... he said... she still can't sit on the chair ... and if he goes out, he will take it with him... I give up ROFL Right, I gotta dash...this was a quickie post and it is really long already.. you see, this is what I have to put up with... verbal dia-wotsits...Thanks again for all your loverly comments...muchly appreciated... have a goodly day and pics of cake will be here later Thursday...TTFN

Hels x


Nancy said...

What a cute birdie! I'm still hungry for some of that cake - and now shortbread! ;-)

Sandy said...

OMG what a wonderful idea and so sweet little bird.
Gorgeous house for the bird. Love it hun.

Jennie said...

Love the lickle bird house :)) , but did I hear you right?? you brought back Caramel shrotbread for Grim???? Does Andrea think that she will get use of the chair by bribery and corruption??rofl Of course not Grim is taking it with him to work.. perfect for sitting on!!
Hugs x

Heather x said...

Hels, you always get me laughing, even when I am tired and half a sleep :0)
Love the little birdie and house, you are so talented :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Helen said...

Hmm, I have a piece of leftover caramel shortbread from yesterday's lunch, half eaten, but perhaps I could try? Love the birdhouse, so cute.

craftimamma said...

Ha! Ha! you couldn't do a short post if your life depended on it Hels and THANK GOODNESS is all I can say. I get too many smiles reading your posts to want them shorter.

Love your little birdie and house but I think the birdie needs to stop eating those shortbread crumbs to get inside, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Minxy said...

your project is really 'tweet'

Karen said...

Awe do make me smile my lovely, could do with some more of that medicine at the moment!

Love your little birdie house and am still loving the technique you showed us in CS!!!


Tracy Evans said...

Love your bird house. You could enter this in the play date cafe this week. The bird is very cute. Have a good day, Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Very cute birdie house. Looks like a Tim Holtz stamp on the roof. Pretty sweet used on top of the crackle paint. Any bird would be proud to call that her home! Marijane

Thistleblue said...

Good morning Hels,

hope you're well and thank you for the lovely comment you left on my WOYWW post. The flowers i made from a tutorial on the Passion for promarkers blog, but i've had a look at yours and now need to persuade hubby to buy me a melting pot! Maybe for christmas. :-) Fantastic looking cake! I bet the birthday girl loved it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Ann said...

So cute Hels!! Cake looks yummy & bet it's delish too :D xx

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