Sunday, 4 July 2010

In Paris With TJ...

...TJ Designs that is... don't worry, I haven't done a runner to the capital of romance...even though I keep on at Grim to take me there LOL These TJ Designs France stamps are fun to play with... and they fit perfectly onto this ATC size canvas that I altered. The canvas was prepped with Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints... Trad Tan and Altered Orange... I then made a little collage of the stamped images - stamping onto tissue paper and also an old French language book page... I popped them all onto the canvas using Claudine's Glossy Multi Medium - this stuff is FAB... it is one of my favest products... I mean, is there anything that Claudine makes that I don't like? Actually, I have just realised that even her name has a french sound... how clever I am *I did it on purpose...honestly.. ROFL*

Once the surface had dried, I slapped a good thick layer of Rock Candy Cracklepaint over it... and left it on the window sill for about 10 mins... yes, it dried that quickly in this heat! I then popped some Rock Candy Stickles on... adding some wire to make it a hanger, along with a Fleur De Lys charm from the Idea-ology collection that I get thru the fastest! The little button is actually a K & Co pin thingy... it has prongs on it so it just spiked thru the canvas and sat in place. All of the stash used is available from The Stamp Attic... *newsflash..they are on special offer too... saving money on these = more ££ for other stash!!!*... I have to just mention that the stamps are all mounted on EZ Mount and individually cut out... and come in a super storage case too... go on, grab a bargain :O))

Thankfully, I can report a day of zero casualties among the birdy community that lives near me... we have found AlfieCat's weak spot... he hates the windy weather... you should see him, slinking along close to the ground and then shooting back inside when another gust comes along... ah, bless him, he has spent the majority of today on his bed in the Room of Stash, he has been "helping" me with a few bits and bobs I have been making... he also likes to sit in front of the laptop... when I am trying to type my blog... woeihdkf,jsghl,jfhao;i ... there he goes... that was his contibution to the post *don't worry, I am deffo losing the plot!* Have a goodly day everyone... time to do a spot of ironing now... it is cool enough to do it... finally! TTFN

Hels x


Shar said...

Ah Paris! Fantastic collage!

julie m said...

ta da! from rhinestone cowboy to paris. my kind of trip. like both of them too.

Sandy said...

So beautiful Paris art.
Wonderful stamps. Love them.

Helen said...

Gorgeous canvas again. Hope you get to Paris one day - I've never been either.

Shazza said...

this post made me LOL Hels!!! Love your artwork as always. Have to confess that I don't have ANY of Claudine's stuff but it is on my wish list.
Hope the birdies are safe today :0)

Andrea said...

just divine Hels hope alls well xx

Lori said...

Great collage work! Love the background colors, and Alfie does really well typing! lol

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is gorgeous! Am loving those stamps!

Are you going to teach Alfie to touch-type - bet he'd have some tales to tell!

L x

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