Friday, 25 June 2010

How Much Wood Can a Woodchuck Chuck???

In one day!!!!!!! Those guys, flipping flip, they worked like Trojans and I have some piccies of the before, during and after in the back garden... wow, we have sunlight in the garden in the afternoon!! I have noticed a few comments from you ladies about the.. erm... physique of said guys doing the work... enough of that please, they are all young enough to be my sons ROFLMAO *and Grim reads my blog too ROFLMAO even more!!!*

LHS - Before

LHS - During

LHS - After - Logs going tomorrow

Honestly, you wouldn't believe how excited I am that I have a massive garden now... I thought it was a postage stamp but now the trees are cleared it is... amazing. I have to admit to pangs of guilt - all those lovely birdies that have been making homes in the trees are now going to have to tuck cardboard under their wings and go and sleep in doorways... but... there is a huge Spinney at the back of the house and I am sure they will find another place sometime soon... *I will not miss the poop that they ever so kindly left all over the chairs, table, decking, gravel, windows (which, you can see traces of in some of the pics, cos I took them from my room of stash window LOL)*

RHS - Before

RHS - After

**Blimey, we have a HUGE job now - but... a blank canvas :O))**

Poor old Grim had to go to work this afternoon...and won't be back til midnight so he won't be able to see the transformation til the morning. I know, this is a crafty blog but I just wanted to show off .., I mean show you what has been occuring in the garden! I blame that Julia, encouraging me to show off my room of stash, it has led me astray and I now may have to include photo's of my laundry room (I am very posh I shall have you know LMAO) and perhaps the downstairs water closet... ooooh hhhoooo, I am making myself laugh here.. that is always a baaaad sign, it means that you may have already clicked off and I am sitting here chattering away to myself again... The guys are back again in the morning to sort out the front garden and grind all the stumps in the back... AlfieCat is so not impressed... his lair has gone and he has not got any birdy nests to leap at... actually, he is a bit off colour today :O(( ...think he may have a touch of rat-itis... am off to give him a big cuddle now... thanks for reading if you got to the end.. if not, you ain't missed much LOL TTFN

Hels x


Janice said...

Wow, looks great, don't worry about the birds they will soon find a new home. Can't wait to see the downstairs water closet lol!

Anesha said...

Enjoy your new space and hope you Alfie feels better after a cuddle. :)

Helen said...

You do realise now you're going to have to keep us entertained with stories of how you develop your lovely new garden!!

Tracy Evans said...

Wow look at all that wonderful space you have now. I would be in my element, I love gardening, it's my first passion then crafts. How exciting. I am going to the RHS Tatton show in July it's fantastic, you should treat yourself to a day there it is well worth it. Have a lovely evening, Tracy Evans

Ali H said...

Wow - what a difference that has made to how the garden looks - and letting in the sun will make such a difference to how you can enjoy being in it too ! I recommend a nice big outdoor table to craft on in the sunshine !

Lottie said...

Fantastic - you should get a log burner - definitely keep the logs!

Yes please - can we see more!

What a massive difference!

whyducks said...

Now Lady Hels, I am disappointed, where are all the shots of hunky tree cutters with shirts off? One young lad and that was it! Blimey you even had your own Christmas trees, you could have sold those in 6 months time to help support Lord and Lady Hels's mansion and the life style that you have now acquired! Poor Afie is sulking because you will not let him have a cat flap. I hope he is OK, keep us posted. Look forward to the next episode of Hels towers! P.S I wonder if the biting bugs will be better with less trees x

Lori said...

Wow, that's a lot of wood! Can't wait to hear the details on the progression of the new space, I'm sure you'll keep us up to date, won't you?

Lori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
* Shaz * said...

Such a shame those beautiful trees had to go but OMG what a differance, think you need to start a garden blog like me would love to see how your garden developes, hope theres going to be a veggie patch somewhere and can't wait to see the laundry room and down stairs closet xxx
hope Alfies ok after his ratitis x

Minxy said...

WOW, that is one bit of industrial altering.. will be nice to see how it developes

Andrea said...

wow its unbelievable how much garden you have now and those logs would of done darren a treat for his wood burner xx

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