Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fairy's??? Who Needs Fairy's ???

...ME!!! and PDQ cos I am having a NIGHTMARE!!!!! I started packing up the Room of Stash this morning at 09.30 - actually, I started in Gary's room where all the storage units and stuff to be altered lurks...and that took all morning - but I have been utterly ruthless and thrown out - so far - 8 binbags full of old tat! I have now moved on to the Room of Stash proper and have just had to stop - tears down my cheeks cos I found my Scrapbook Albums which have been away under the big unit for ages now...and I saw some layouts I had made that made me feel very sad... Here is a piccie of one of them;

And here is a piccie of a LO Grim made for me when I hit 5 years as a Driver...bless him, he is better at scrapping than me LOL

So, here I am ... covered from head to foot in dust - where does that all come from??? And I have done about 1/3 of the packing in the room...I have been working my way round it methodically - and am now in even more of a mess than before ROFL I am putting away an "essential" pack into a tote trolley - thank the Lordy above that I invested in one of these ages ago...it will come in handy! And... hazard a guess at how many canvases I have ready to be altered???...nearest one to it gets the pleasure of driving over to my abode and helping me ROFL Here is another LO I found....this one is my first ever meeting with Tim Holtz...can you tell that I actually went all shy??? This is also my first foray into the world of Grunge and Distress Inks..not bad for a first attempt I reckon :O))

I had better dash...oh, before I go...the news on the MRI's....mmmm, not so good - but could be a whole lot worse - I have got several degenerating discs - as well as the prolapsed ones...and the only ones that are still in tip top condition are the ones where the pins are - they have held my spine together and actually protected them. However! I have to go and have a "procedure" done...basically, they will inject some kind of anti-inflammatory and analgesic into the base of the spine - I suppose it will be the taily bit...and that should give me some relief from the chronic pain. I will have it done under local - so I am guessing I will have to be on my front with my backside exposed...not a pretty sight! Anyways... gotta go.... tomorrow I will be blogging the photo's of the horror's of "Room 62" - you will have a fit when you see just how many boxes I have done already...and still have more to do! TTFN

Hels x


Elaine A said...

Hi Hels -

Love the layouts. I'm so sorry the MRI results didn't bring better news. Keeping you in my prayers that the "procedure" brings you relief.

Elaine Allen

Lori said...

Oh boy. Having to pack AND deal with a bad back is no fun. And painful. Keep lots of Ibuprofen handy. My heart goes out to you...your layouts are fab, though!

Daniele said...

You sound like your are soo busy with one thing or another hope the procedure works tomorrow for you I'm sue your Tush will be fine they've seen it all before....hopefully you'll be feeling alot better soon
hugs from Daniele x

Joanne said...

I've got some good news for you, it's quite likely you will be on your side for the 'procedure' which means sight of both front and back!!!!!!!!! Now that should make you smile. xxxx

Sue said...

Always thought the train driving thing was sooooo cool. Best of luck with the procedure - you just got to keep right on smiling x

TinaB said...

Bless you Hels in the middle of all your packing you still make us LOL! Sorry the scan wasn't better news for you hun xxx Thinking of you and make sure you keep taking lots of breaks xxx
SYOS :-) xx

Fliss said...

Great pages Hels and love the one of you with Tim.
The packing sounds like hell on earth as I can't imagine how you managed to throw out so much stuff!!!
Your back sounds really painful and I hope you get it sorted soon. My daughter Sarah is sympathising as she had another physiotherapist visit this morning and found out she has a partially slipped disc-not good when you're only 19!
Good luck with everything.

whyducks said...

Poor girl. I love the Tim layout.


Hi Hels, good luck with your procedure x leigh x

DonnaMundinger said...

How you're keeping up with all of this, especially with the pain is unfathomable! Love your layouts and best of luck with the proceedure. xxD

craftimamma said...

Sorry the scan didn't give you better news Hels but hope the 'procedure' brings you the longed for relief.

Love the layouts especially the grungy one with Mr H!

Lesley Xx

Katy said...

Oh Hels nightmare packing situation. If you have half what I do you'll need a second moving van...

Sorry your scan results were not better. I hope the procedure helps you out with the pain my sweet.

Cheryl said...

great layout and how lucky to be with Tim wow love the papers too love cheryl x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Tears, Procedures and worst of all the dreaded DUST and you still make us laugh!!!....Keep going girl!!!xx

p.s.. as the packing fairy won't help, try calling in the "dust fairy"..... not holding out much hope for you though as I've heard they are best friends...lol!!

Sandy said...

Gosh your LO´s are stunnig.
Wonderful designs. The Tim LO ist the best.

Have a great Day hun.

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