Monday, 14 December 2009

A Vecchi Merry Christmas!

....*I can't help it...I am sorry* I know, I know, another daft title but...this one kind of works...I made a Christmas card using Wendy Vecchi stamps...and some Distress Inks and some Grungepaper and now the person who I gave it to has got it, I can blog it!

I spent hours...and I mean hours...doing the chuffing Christmas decorations today...but the tree looks very presents under it for me tho :O( Grim doesn't trust me enough to put mine under there...he thinks I will have a rummage and a if I would do such a thing!!!!

Just a quickie post today...none of my usual waffle...pain bad...deep bath and early night needed I reckon! Thanks for looking....

Hels x


Shar said...

This is fabulous! Love your trees!!

Nancy said...

How pretty!

I hope you feel better quickly!

Sandy said...

Oh wow what a stunning card Hels.
Really brilliant.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab card Hels :) Hope you had a good night and are feeling better today ;) I'vev done my entry for SS - 2 weeks worth - but not uploaded yet.
Hugs Anne xx

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