Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Tree, A Birdy and WOYWW

...Blimey, you know when you have one of those bright idea moments...and then several hours later reeeeally regret that you went with the idea in the first place?.... Well, that was me yesterday...I spent a lovely lovely day with Jennie...we had our "office party" and yes, I ate far too much...and then we did a wander around Faversham and I bought this heaven ickle birdy tree ornament...he is so much cuter in the real but remember folks, my photography is rubbish LOL

So...where did it all go wrong? Humph...there is a new High Speed link from St Pancras to Faversham...yipppeeee, no sitting for too long driving my car and making my pain worse, relax on the train...let it take the strain...ha! Getting there was great, fab trains, brand new, clean, fast...couldn't wish for more..coming home...still the same lovely train (don't forget, I used to be a train driver so I have a few anorak tendancies when it comes to trains)...anyways...cutting the very very long journey story short...the train in front failed...then we were in a queue...then we got stuck in a tunnel for 50 mins...all in all it took over three and a half hours for an hour journey! *feels sorry for self* LOL At least my tree is up now and here is a piccie of usual, cack photography but I love it...

Today I took a photo of my desk...which has a few of the gorgeous pressies I have been given over the past few this is my WOYWW entry...there HAS to be some crafting done on that desk today...several thousand Christmas cards to be made and posted soon...I have to tidy that messy desk up...and get into the cardmaking I will say TTFN for now...and wish you all a great day...hope it isn't snowing with you...tis trying to here...more sleet than the white stuff tho :O))

Hels x


Andrea said...

why might I ask is snow fairy on your desk, for a sniff between crafting LOL love the tree and the birdie Hels xx

Helen said...

It's been snowing here in Sutton on and off - some proper snow and some sleety stuff... yuck! Hope you've recovered from your journey now

Linda Cain said...

Great setup! TFS! Right now, I wouldn't show anyone my worktable!

Linda C

Jennie said...

snowy here too, but I am all warm and cosy :) mm your desk looks trather tidy.. must be cos you sat on atrain for so long :) :(
Was a great Christmas lunch.. we must do it agian next year ! rofl xx

Sandy said...

Wow this is a wonderful tree.
Fantastic my friend.

Kaz said...

I do believe the first thing I spied was a photo of you and Tim! Lucky whatsit. You have a lot of things I'd love to get my mitts on. Just started snowing here - are you near Faversham then? I'm in the dregs that is Margate! x

Julia Dunnit said... you think it's untidy huh. Secretly you are a neat frek..look at the order and organisation in that picture. Oh my it's very impressive. And all that Ranger stuff..and a pic of you and TH...good lord, it's a bit like a cult!! Love your tree, just to add to my jealousies!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time at your office party. The birdy is cute!

Lucy x

voodoo vixen said...

Your tree and bird are beautiful Hels... and your desk is waaaay to tidy to be on the WOYWW... Julia's gave me heart failure!

Oh and no snow here... just sunshine.... lots of sunshine!!

SueH said...

Well there doesn’t look like a lot of room on your desk for the making of several thousand Christmas cards so I guess you have better trim the number down slightly. Failing that do what I do for a quick clear up…….just push everything to one end of the table and keep pushing.

I’m just thankful that it’s What’s on you Work Desk Wednesday and not What’s on you Floor Wednesday Lol.

Loving your Christmas Tree.


Lottie said...

Firstly,glad you have a lovely 'office' party and stayed vertical. Love the bird, what a nightmare with the train. Fabulous craft room - gorgeous 'Whats on your desk' entry - lovely having a 'nose' through the keyhole.

We had really thick haw frost today, then snow, then sleet, and the rest of the day heavy rain, so I couldn't even get to my garden studio to do anything. Instead we brought the Christmas tree in from the garden, and I spent a happy few hours decorating the tree adn made a start doing the same with out home.

Lots of cards to make -pressies too hope tomorrow is a better day!

Sam said...

ooohh I like this desk - so much stuff!! And even a perfectly carved out space for a can of coke! Didn't get any snow here - just a bit very wet sleet yesterday.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Whaddya mean 'tidy it up' it looks bloomin' tidy to me already ;) What's the 'Snow Fairy' stuff??? We've had lots of snow in the last couple of days, but also some rain and sleet and sun. The grandkids have made a snowman today :)
Anne xx

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