Saturday, 14 November 2009

Another Award :O))

Ooooh, I got another award...tis a grand week for them :O)) This time it was from thank you hun x have to tell 5 facts about yourself before passing it on to 5 more people;

Inky Fact 1 - I have brown eyes

Inky Fact 2 - My favourite season is Spring

Inky Fact 3 - I am a closet head banger...I loooove rock music

Inky Fact 4 - I used to ride motorbikes

Inky Fact 5 - I can waggle my ears and cross one eye at the same time **very attractive**

I am passing this award on to:








Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Hels arent you the Sweetest! and nice to know a few more tidbits about you!
hugs Lynn.
I'm really going to have to think about this one!

Sandy said...

Thansk so much my dear.
This is a great honor for me.

Lorraine said...

another headbanger who likes motorbikes then!! those were the days..I used to go to Kent and the Bulldog bike shows years ago..great mad fun. Thanks very much for visiting my sons blog he was made up with all the comments

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