Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Stitchel by Any Other Name - A Tutorial :O))

Hey Peeps,

Now, there I was ... hopping all over the fab blogs out there and I kept bumping into these fab Grungepaper roses....first there was Jennie and then I saw Wendy Vecchi make one, and then I hopped on over to Linda's to see she has been up to a bit of floristry too...well, never one to be left know me..have to keep up with the others.....I thought, well, I haven't got that stamp, or that die or that CriCut what to do?


Yes, my little doodley hand drawn "Stitchels" stamps have flowers don't they? And they have six petals...which you need, to be able to get the layers I dashed off....ok...I didn't dash...LOL... I wandered the Room of Stash...and this is what I came up with....

So then....I thought...I could take pics and then all of youse who have the Stitchels will be able to make your very own Stitchels roses! Cool huh? **NB, in my haste & excitement to Blog, the glue ain't set so you can still see it LOL**

Here is a Step By Step for you:


Stitchels flowers (Dashy Dot used for this one)
Glossy Accents
Distress Inks
Cut n Dry foam
Silicone Glue
BullDog Clips/Crocodile Clips/Pegs
Archival/StaZon Ink Pad

Step 1:

Stamp three Stitchels flowers onto Grungepaper using Archival Ink or similar....stamp three Stitchels leaves onto Grungepaper....Colour all these with Distress Inks (or similar) and then cut them all out.

Step 2:

From flower 1, cut a line up from bottom petal to just above the middle.
From flower 2, cut away fourth petal - pop to one side
From flower 3, cut away fourth and fifth petal - pop to one side

Step 3:

Using Glossy Accents as glue (or similar) stick flower 1 so it now has just five petals and curl the edges of the petals...use BullDog clip/Peg to secure.
Repeat this with the other two flowers and glue and secure.
Roll the two petal cut aways and glue and secure.
Roll the one petal cut away and glue and secure.


Start with the five petal flower and make it curly on the edges and add the four petal flower, making the petals curly, repeat again and again until all the components are assembled.
Add the leafy cut outs to the back of the petals and hey presto! A Stitchels rose!

Hope that this is useful for you...I am so going to be making these on absolutely everything that I do now LOL Thanks have to go to Jennie, Wendy and Linda for the inspiration and original ideas...I guess I have just altered them to fit the Stitchels. BTW, if you ain't got your Stitchels HERE and you will be taken right to the place where to buy them....and all the other goodies I have used in this tutorial too.

Thanks for looking :O)) I am off to try the Dotty Dot, Curly Dot....and the mini's too....I may be a while LOL

Hels x


Jennie said...

Fabulous!I guess I am just lazy and used the Cricut.. and of course I KNEW you could use the Stitchels!;)
Hugs xx

Joy said...

Just brilliant Hels! You are so talented xx

Andrea said...

Wow what an adaption and certainly good one at that, this has turned out fab to but divvy knicks here still can not follow instructions unless your in front of me, I know an excuse for you to come and stay xx

Dan said...

Rose-a-licious!! :)

Nicki said...

Ooh these are sooo cute! these stamps are WOW! love the stitching on them, they are soooo sweet!

Claireabelle said...

Great tutorial Hel's!

* Shaz * said...

Just brilliant xx

Hels said...

Thanks peeps :O))

Ali Manning said...

These are so much fun - thanks for the great tutorial!

Shar said...

Fantastic tutorial! I love the way you did the step-by-step! Your rose is so pretty and yet fun too!

Minxy said...

A FAB use of the stitchels Hels, i love how it turned out xx

Linda Elbourne said...

I am loving this ... the tutorial is fab and the stitchels look amazing X In fact I would even go so far as to say Rose-a-licious!! :)

Lorraine said...

ooohhh I have got that stamp set..will have to have a go..thanks for the great tutorial

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial Hels, I love your stitchel rose! I don't have a cricut or Wendy's stamps either, so I might give this a try! xxx

Shazza said...

fabulous Hels and yes I have that stamp so I will be trying this out

Hels said...

Thanks everyone...glad you liked the Tutorial...and hope you have fun playing LOL xx

Ann said...

Brilliant Hels - I must have a try at that cos I loved Linda's flower, but being the dope I am, it didn't occur to me to use my Stitchels!!!
Hugs. A xxx

Hels said...

:O)) Thanks hun xx

Craftyideas said...

Gorgeous -thank you for the tutorial -always wanted to try these I am going to have a go

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