Saturday, 4 July 2009

In The Frame for Ten Seconds

Hey Peeps,

Wow, hasn't it been hot, hot, hot this week? Thankfully it is getting a little cooler in my part of the country ... less humid and sticky which means I can get into my room of stash and play again!

A few weeks ago I was very inspired by Linda Brown from LB Crafts ... she is so clever and showed me how to alter a plain old photoframe using Ten Seconds Studio's metals and some heavenly metallic paints.

Here is my take on the frame....I used copper coloured metal for the base and then once I had marked a template, I used various molds and freehand decorating using the Wheel tools.

Once the metal was embossed, debossed and generally teased into the style I wanted, I slapped a lot of metallic paint onto the metal .... using Cut n Dry foam to do this gets a really good coverage and also gets into the nooks and crannies too :O))

Tomorrow will mark the return of the Sunday Stamper and I have another piece of artwork that has Ten Seconds Studio stuff on it...along with some other bits n I would love to see you here to join in with the keeping the theme under my hat at the moment but I will still be using song titles for the name of the challenge...well, some things are just better left the same aren't they? LOL

Thanks for looking and have a good day!

Hels x


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous Hels! those paints are gorgeous on metal aren't they?! xx

Andrea said...

again a truly beautiful piece of your talented work Hels I love it xx

Minx said...

er well, it was looking good till i got to the end picture and that just ruined it for me PMSL, sorry couldn't resist, you know me xx

Think this looks super fab hunny, i've not played with metal for ages, but your doing a fab enough job for the both of us xx

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