Friday, 26 June 2009

How Cool Is This?????

Hey Peeps

OMG, how cool is this photo?

Grim managed, somehow cos he is ever so clever, to fiddle about with a recent photo of me...making it all grungey and I just had to share it! There is some special computery place that you can upload your pics to and then faff about and make them look different. He has done another one of me which I don't like but will share a very small version of it.....

Told you didn't I? It is a baaaad picture!! LOL *actually I think I look a little bit mad in this one....enough said* ;O))

Oh, I guess I had better share this clever website with you you can all go and get grunged too LOL Click HERE to go there

I am seriously planning on making a frame for the first one....just up my alley, grungey but a little bit colourful! It reminds of the new Tim stamps... you know, the ones that I said I didn't like and would never use and now am desperate to get me grubby little mits on :LOL

Am in the best mood cos I have had good news today ... I am not as poorly as "they" thought and it is such an incredible weight off my mind I can tell you! I am still having to rest up but I am sure that I will be able to make sure I can fit in a bit of creativity too!

Thanks for looking...and thanks for all the well wishes too...means a lot to me ... Hels x


Andrea said...

thats just brilliant and what fab stamps that would make to xx

Minx said...

Glad the news was good today x Big hugs and i love the pics, clever grim x

Shazza said...

fantastic stuff, well done Grim.

Ann said...

Great news Hels - big hugs hun xxx

Loving the effect, isn't Grim clever!! Must have a nosey at that link too - TFS!!! xx

Karen said...

I have kept checking back on Sundays and wondering what had happened to you so I'm glad you have had some good news. Love all the new 'makes' but you take it easy!

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