Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Stamper....Apologies from Hels xx

Afternoon Stampers,

Massive apologies to all of you who usually join in with the challenge....I haven't been able to set a new one for this week because the dreaded lurgy has well and truly come to stay with me :O((

Grim and I went away on our hols last Monday - just a few days on the Norfolk Broads to recharge our batteries after a few very stressful months. Typical for me though, I started with this bug thing last Sunday evening and by mid-week I felt well and truly yukky - somehow I managed to get thru the following days but by yesterday evening I couldn't cope anymore so took myself off to bed for what I thought was going to be 40 winks!

Poor Grim came to wake me a few times and gave up in the end....I finally surfaced at 1pm this afternoon! I had scheduled a load of posts for my Blog so they have all gone on but the poor old Sunday Stamper has been overlooked.

I am still feeling rough - I can't smell or taste anything - been like this for nearly a week! So I thought it best if I roll over last weeks theme for this week as well and then if anyone wanted to join in again then please feel free.

I haven't even visited any of you to say thank you for joining in - I am hoping I will be able to catch up tomorrow - I am going to try and get to see the Doc so hopefully he will be able to give me some medicine to make me better.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts this week and I will do me best to catch up soon.

Am off to snuggle under the duvet again and get some more sleep!

Hugs Hels x


mrsspook said...

Get well soon Hels...stay tucked up in bed and let Nurse Grim look after you
Hugs June x

Sally H said...

Hope you'll soon be feeling better!

Craftyideas said...

Hope you feel better soon Hels xx

AliMayes said...

Sorry you're not well - get plenty of rest and be better soon!
Ali xx

TinaB said...

Hope you feel better soon hun xx

* Shaz * said...

hope you feel better soon Hels be back with you Saturday 0:) xx

Hazel said...

So sorry to hear that you are poorly,Hels - hope you are feeling better soon x

Shazza said...

Hels, I hope you feel loads better soon
big hugs

Hels said...

thanks peeps, starting to feel a little more human again now....hugs x

Hels said...

Me again, I think Ihave gotten around to visit all of you who joined in...apologies if I missed you, please leave me a comment again and I wil be popping over! Hugs x

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