Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Challenge Mojo ... An Altered Canvas

Evening Peeps,

So, where has it got to then? I have searched high and low, in all my cupboards, drawers and even in those dusty old corners that time forgot (or more like, what my hoover forgot!!!) What am I looking for? My Mojo!!! It has gone AWOL!!! Actually, I know exactly where the blighter is, it is on holiday, probably in the Caribbean, sipping cocktails with its best Mojo friend who belongs to Linda....actually, check that, it is probably quaffing "Mojito's" ... *groan* LOL

Anyways, Linda and I were chatting on't phone earlier and reminding each other about the last time this happened, about a year ago - anyways, Linda came over to my house armed with only Canvas, Chalk Inks, Stampbord and a few stamps. So we decided that as this had worked before, we were going to do the same again :O))

Here is the Challenge Canvas I have made:

It is an 8" x 6" canvas, a size new to me (ooooerrrr) and I have used a selection of Stampbord shapes and sizes.

I used Mint Green and Warm Violet Chalk Ink by Colorbox and coloured the whole surface of the canvas and the Stampbord.

I used Penny Black Brush Strokes stamps which I bought from Craft4Creation, a fab online shop that has literally hundreds and hundreds of Penny Black stamps....well worth a visit :O)) and stamped the images in Black StaZon.

I used a scratchy tool to do the scratchyness, emphasizing the brush strokes and then covered all the Stampbord pieces with two layers of clear UTEE which is from The Artistic Stamper.

To tie the canvas in with the stylee of the Stampbord, which I had edged with a metal file, I used a blending tool and foam and white acrylic paint and made streaks around the edges of the canvas. Suffice to say, this is the only streaking I am ever likely to do LOL

Anyways, this is the end product - I am fairly pleased with it but wish I had been a bit more adventurous with the colour as I always seem to go for these combinations. Perhaps now my Mojo is returning from its sojourn, I will be able to crack on and get more inky and messy again.

Please pop over to Linda's place to have a look at what she made, I haven't seen it yet, but I just know that it will be perfect.

Thanks for looking

Hels x


Linda Elbourne said...

Oh my word - you have excelled yourself ... this is beautiful ...I had so much fun today ... Thank you XXX

This is much better than that thing you made with that Tom bloke :0)

Hels said...

Linda!!!! You made me LOL hun, Tom indeed!!! ROFLMPO
Thanks for today too, I enjoyed getting inky and stampy for a change, even if I did cheat a little and extend the deadline, ah, the trials of being a dutiful housewife eh? ;o))

Jennie said...

cool idea :) mind you mojitos sound good, and the carribean even better

Hels said...

:O)) Jennie, oh what I would give to be sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, sipping Pina Colada's and getting all that lovely heat into my aching old bones! Darn that Mojo for beating me to it LOL

Andrea said...

just as beautiful as normal Hels, as far as I can ever see your Mojo is superb, you always produce great art xx

Ann said...

Fabulous Hels - looks like your mojo hasn't gone anywhere at all!! I love it xxx ***skips off to see what Linda made***
Ann xx

Minx said...

Think its just lovely hun, nothing wrong with the colours :O)

Gillian said...

Just gorgeous Hels.
I certainly don't think your mojo is on holiday.

Ellen said...

this is gorgeous, love the colour combination and nice to see different shapes on there

Joy said...

Your mojo didn't go far did it Hels? Canvas is fantastic! xx

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