Thursday, 19 February 2009

All In A Good Cause

Hi there,

My friend Andrea has been on a mammoth weightloss regime for the past six months and has lost almost 5 stone :O)) Hasn't she done well eh? I am full of admiration for her as she has never waivered from her diet and the determination she has shown is quite remarkable.

Another thing that Andrea is doing, along with her daughter Sophie who is 16, is the Playtex Moonwalk in May this year. The Moonwalk is all about raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer - which I think I can safely say, most of us have either had a close friend or relative or at least know someone who has suffered with this terrible disease. Andrea and Sophie are doing the walk in memory of their friend Marian who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer four years ago. Here is a link to Andrea's Blog where she tells us all about why she is doing this fundraising event. And, here is a photo of Andrea and Sophie, in their training gear, getting ready for the big event!

Andrea has set up a Just Giving page on her Blog, the link is here I will be adding this link to my sidebar so you can pop and see it and it would be fantastic if you could give a donation for this worthwhile cause.

Thanks for looking and I wish Andrea and Sophie every success and I cannot wait to see the photo's of them walking about London in their bra's :O))

Hels x


Calv said...

Hi Hels :)

All the best Andrea and Sophie, good job the snow has stopped!!!

A very worthwhile cause.

* Shaz * said...

Hi Hels

They are doing a fantastic job arn't they hope you are ok am vey worried about you xx

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