Thursday, 8 January 2009

Metal Art - A New Venture!

Hello Peeps,

I have mentioned a couple of times recently that I was lucky enough to receive some Ten Seconds Studios goodies for Christmas. I hadn't really got a clue how to use them though, so I decided to have a little play and see what I came up with :O))

I had seen Linda from LB Crafts doing a demo at the Ally Pally show in September but only managed to stay for a couple of minutes so I just took what I had seen and kind of developed it from there.

I started off with some aluminium foil and used various colours of Ranger Alcohol Ink to shade the aluminium. I picked Red Pepper, Wild Plum and Slate for one batch and Meadow, Lettuce, Pesto and Slate for the next batch. I added couple of drops of Metallic Mixatives to add a little depth too but once I had finished I realised this was a waste of time cos they don't really show up on the finished pieces.

I have now invested in the DVD so I can see exactly what I am supposed to be doing - I had missed out a few techniques that I can see would have looked great on my project but that just gives me an excuse to make something else LOL

I used the coloured aluminium foil with my Cuttlebug embossing folders - wow, they really do work brilliantly and I just loved the effects that I got from them.

This post is probably going to go over two days as I have lots of photo's to show you - and loads of waffle too!!

I hit upon the idea of making something that is similar to what I tend to do with canvas yet I didn't want to waste a canvas by covering it all with the metal. A couple of months back I was in Lidl and saw they had a big pack of Foamboard on sale for a really cheap price. I had not heard of this before but thought it would be an ideal alternative to mountboard as it is a little thicker. I started the project by cutting a piece of Foamboard to 8" square. Next, I cut some smaller pieces to make a frame around the outside of the 8" piece, as I wanted to create a niche in the middle. I then cut out 12 2" square pieces which would form the bases for the metals.

Once I had all the outer pieces cut, I stuck them all together to make a base and frame. I was naughty and used Glossy Accents for this - it is the best for gluing this type of thing and whilst it is expensive, I have yet to find something that is as good.

I primed the base with white Gesso and once this was dried I painted over it with silver acrylic paint. I used Adirondack Dabbers as their silver is perfect, creamy, shiney and sparkley. Whilst I was doing all the painting I decided to leave off 3 of the 2" squares and I used some Gel Medium to make splodgy bits where the 3 would have been, so they look as if they have fallen off, if you know what I mean!

I am popping a few piccies of the finished piece on to the post now, there is still a lot to say so I will leave the post here and return tomorrow with the rest of the waffle and the finished piccies too.

Thanks for looking - this is something totally new to me and already I am addicted! I have just got the DVD as I said, and also I have some new tools coming my way as I really want to get stuck into this kind of crafting.

I would love your honest opinions, by the way, I don't know if anyone has any hints and tips they can give me about working with metals....all would be greatly appreciated. :O))

Hels x


TonyaA said...

Wow! This looks so cool! I would love to try something like this. I have worked with aluminum, but not in this way. This inspires me to pull it all out again.

Hels said...

Aw, thanks for that lovely comment, go for it I say, you will soon be addicted :O)) x

Minx said...

Well from what tiny little snippets your showing i think it's looking FABAROONY, way way better than my efforts, but then i've not had a proper play.... maybe today if my tools arrive! You'll have to let me know if the DVD is worth getting x
Glad to see you getting back to more of the altered creative stuff too xx

Cheryl Darrow said...

I love you have such cool words and I have no idea what they mean. You may want to check out some of our videos on our website as they are mostly projects and techniques. Check out the basic video in the archive section. Since you have one of the die cutting machines you can use our molds with the machines and we've done videos for that also.
Love seeing what you create and hope you have fun metalizing your world.
Cheryl Darrow
Ten Seconds Studio

Linniepink said...

What a fantastical Idea i just loooove it will have to try that one

Linniepink said...

oooo i say i checked out the ten second studio i love it

Andrea said...

Hels its looking just great and what brilliant designs you have used, loving this xx

Hels said...

Thanks eveyrone and extra special thank you to Cheryl for stopping well chuffed and very honoured xx

CraftyC said...

Love what you have done Hels, its nice to see you still busy crafting. I hope 2009 brings better things your way!

Tracey said...

Am blown away Hels, they are yummy, watched LB Crafts at Harrogate the other year and loved it, just couldn't afford all the stuff.

Calv said...

Hels this has turned out great! Looks gorgeous. One of my followers does a fair bit with aliminium i think, and it always looks great. If this is one of your first goes i'd be well chuffed! Looks like you've been doing it for ages.

Hazel said...

This looks so interesting. I love alcohol inks. x

Ann said...

Oh Hels, this looks faberooney!! I want to play too - LOL!! You've done a wondeful job from what I see, loving it! loving it! loving it!!!
Ann xx

Hels said...

:O)) thanks everyone x

Jennie said...

mmmm metal one of my favourite things to use, sadly neglected for many years :(
Love what you have done, methinks I will have to get started again.

Craftyideas said...

Love this -can feel another addiction coming on xx

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