Saturday, 1 November 2008

Objet D'Art Challenge #1

Evening all,

A brand new Challenge blog has started this evening and I am really excited about it because it is all about my favest thing....Altered Art :O))

The Blog is called Objet D'Art and can be found here.

Here is what needs to be done - I have copied the words straight from the Blog - saves me typing them out!!

"If you haven't already guessed this is a participation theatre and you are required to make something, anything, you like from ANY Kitchen utensil! Tonight the sieve, the saucepan, the wooden spoon or chopping block is centre stage! Let your imagination run riot, use those long forgotten beads or papers, or stamps you bought long ago , and make something sensational from any kitchen utensil."

I used to collect old spoons so I raided the box they are stored in and altered three of them as my entry to the challenge.

The first is an old fashioned baby feeding spoon so it has a curly handle:

Here is the before piccie

And here are the pics of the "after" - once I had sploshed Alcohol inks all over it, covering my fingers, hands, desk and t shirt in the process LOL. I also added some wire, micro beads and a couple of pearls. It is the first time I have ever used wire on a project and I have to say, I really enjoyed using it!

I got really carried away once I had finished this spoon and ended up altering another two!! I used the same method of alcohol inking the spoons and then adding the micro beads and wires...but the last one had a little extra way of a little plastic Gecko that I coated with Zig Zag glue and then dipped into gold metal flakes...and then wired his body and tail.

I can feel a new addiction coming on here you know...and, I have even managed to root out a few more spoons to alter, so watch this space!

This is a great new Challenge Blog and I highly recommend you pop over and have a look and have a play too.

Thanks for looking

Hels x


Dan said...

Spoons, spoons, wonderful spoons! :)

Ann said...

Very ornate & stunning Hels - loving your spoons!! xxx

Sarah said...

What beautiful spoons!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh my.... I love your spoons! I love all three but I am a gecko freak (even have a tat on my left shoulder of one) and that last spoon is mine!! ;) Its beautiful... do you think the people we rent the furnished house from would mind me 'altering' some of the spoons? PMLing...

Claireabelle said...

Fab spoons Hels, I love the one with the little lizard on

Craftyideas said...

Beautiful spoons

Joana said...

wow they look stunning .

joana xx

Jennie said...

mmm gorgeous,thank you for joining in the blog challenge xx

Linda Elbourne said...

Gorgeous work Hels ... they all look fab ... Wonderful XXX

Andrea said...

these are just wonderful and look great in the flesh x

Anonymous said...

Your spoons are all totally gorgeous!! xx

mrsspook said...

Fab spoons Hels!
Leave some in the kitchen though just in case you need to make a cuppa lol
Isn't is a fab challenge! I've been having this morning altering a tea strainer just want the silicone glue to hurry up and dry so I can finish it.
June x

Anonymous said...

Oh my those spoons are wonderful, thank you for sharing the pics with us. I hope you are going to put them on display somewhere in your house :)


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