Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday Stampers - Week 24 - For Your Eyes Only.

Hello peeps and happy Sunday to you all,

Thank you for joining in with last weeks challenge. It was a nice easy one, so this week it is a little more indepth with more for you to think about!!

*I am a meany aren't I?*

The theme this week is Eyes. However, along with this theme, I thought it would be fun to make a little secret component to your project, so it really would be for "your eyes only".... or for the eyes only of the person you are making it for!!

Now, confession time. I haven't made mine yet. :O(( I know you are all probably saying "grrrrr" and "oh, that's right, set a toughy and don't make it yourself" but....I do have a very good excuse! I have had a really rough week, both with pain which has taken over my life completely, and also with a few personal things that have been hard to deal with. I hope you will forgive me, and cos I really could do with cheering up, I really hope that you all join in this challenge and that will mean I can Blog Hop and see all your lovely creations too which will not only give me something else to look forward to, but something else to think about too!! I won't go into details about the personal stuff just yet, I am not feeling up to sharing and talking about it but I will tell you all eventually.

Also, I promise that I will deffo make something for this theme, perhaps it will be later in the week when I have a little less pain (hopefully) and a little more free brain power.

So, as ever, please have fun stamping and making your project and please can you leave a post here with a link to the place you are showing your work of art too!!

Thanks again for your patience and understanding. In the meantime, I will leave you with a couple of photo's of AlfieCat, who just loves my craftroom and this is how I caught him the other morning!!

He is a cheeky little monkey but he is so adorable and he really is my furbaby!!

Hugs....Hels xx

Finally got around to making my entry - I used a Stampbord ATC and some CHalk Inks along with PaperArtsy stamps....the secret bit is on the back :O))


Carol said...

Morning Hels

Cyber hugs and positive vibes being sent...

Have to think about this one off for a cuppa....


Angie C said...

Thanks for the challenge Hels and sending you lots of hugs

Andrea said...

thanks Hels for setting the challenge, take care and try not to worry xx

TinaB said...

Hi Hels xxx

Thanks for the challenge and I hope you are feeling better soon xx Thinking of you xx

Anonymous said...

Great challenge Hels - the brain is already whirring!! Alfie looks v comfy - had he been playing with your stamps?! Take care of yourself, love Alison xx :0)

hilmof said...

Hi hels

Thanks for the challenge - I'll try to do it later

Sending lots of hugs


Linda Elbourne said...

Will see what I can come up with Hels ((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))))

Annapurna said...

How I wish I saw this last night before making a birthday card for a friend. I will try my best, just for you Hels.

Take care and hang tight. This too shall pass.

CraftyTracy said...


I hope things get better for you,
I will try to participate this week

Ann said...

Great challenge as always, not too sure if I have 'eyes' stamps??

AlfieCat likes to sunbathe I think!!

Big Hugs Hels, feel better soon xxxx

hilmof said...

Hope your feeling a little better now Hels

Here's my entry

Thanks for looking

Ink Stained Roni said...

Hels I'm so sorry you're going through some tough times....sending you gentle hugs and good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Gerry said from Canada

Eevening Hels.I love your cat, I have one just like him, but mine is a female and a real mommies girl, her name is Rosie. I love your cards and I liked the write up they did for your and I am enjoying your blog.keep crafting. Gerry

Craftyideas said...

Thanks for the challenge Hels sending hugs. Well here is the link to my "eye" page

** Shaz ** said...

great challenge again Hels wiil try and do this one for you

chin up sending loads of hugs xxxxx

Anne said...

Hi Hels, sorry you're having a rough time. Hope you're feeling a little better today ;-)

Mine's in my PB now
p/word luvcrafts

Hugs, Little Lion xxx

Annapurna said...

Hi Hels, as promised, here is my secret message card
Now that you have inspiration from me get working on yours girlie. HaHaHa.

Anonymous said...

My entry is on my blog! ;0) xx

Hels said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and joining will see I have finally made my entry!!! LOL

Heidi said...

Great pics of Alfie! Sending you a big hug Hels.
I have made an ATC for this challenge, hope it is ok.

Hels said...

Thanks everyone, I have visited you all now I think....if I have missed you out, give me a kick up the bum and I will pop over xxx

Mezza said...

Big Hugs Hels hope your having a good day.

Finally got round to my effort.

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