Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Morning friends,

Just a little teaser for you....coming very, very soon to this Blog there will be a brand new challenge which will start tomorrow and then run every Wednesday with a fresh new theme each week.

Now, shall I give you a clue? Or shall I make you wait and see?

Mmmmmm, all I will say is that you will need to have your hands out of your pockets to be able to join in!!! LOL

*oh I wish I could get smilies on here....I neeeed them!! *

Anyways, hope to see you back again tomorrow!

Hels xx


Linda Elbourne said...

Good Luck with the new challenge Hels - not sure I will keep up - but I will try my bestest :0)

Andrea said...

look forward to seeing what it is xx

Ann said...

You are a nawty tease Hels!! I look forward to seeing & hopefully mojo allowing taking part in your new challenge!! xxx

Minx said...

Oh you ickle teaser you... Tell me NOW NOW NOW lol

Just as long as it ain't blinking Tilda's i'll be alright lol

Minx said...

Oh forgot to add, if you download SmileyCentral onto your comp you can access not only tons and tons of smilies but use them on your blog too :O)

Jennie said...

oooh, I like surprises x

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