Saturday, 24 May 2008

If Anyone Sees It......

Can you please post it back to me!!!

Hello Peeps,

The MoJo has gone!!

Yes, I sat for over an hour in my Craft Room this morning and nothing happened!! Well, that is not strictly true, I made a tag for the swap but it is not what I wanted to make so I gave up and went and sat in the garden.

Grim has this idea that we are going to clear an overgrown patch and make a little seating area. So he started with the clearing this afternoon, I stood about "helping" and was feeling a bit sad cos I love gardening as much as I love crafting and since my accident I haven't been able to do any really because of the pain of the injury. Anyways, there I was "helping" and pointing at things that needed digging out when all of a sudden I spy a little mossy ball in a branch of a dead conifer.

Aw, how lovely, it is a birds nest. The birds have obviously had their brood and moved on but they left this cute little house and a little broken egg just below it. I took a piccie of it to show you all! Alfie decided that he wanted to have a look at the nest too...and then thought he would give it a little taste too!!

Then, I noticed something moving in the corner of the patch, and there sat a big fat toad. He was a darkish grey in colour and had the most beautiful golden eyes, they were almost metalic looking. Needless to say I picked him up in gloved hand, had a little chat and then popped him under a big bush so he has a new home. I forgot to get a piccie of him though.

I could ramble on all evening about my lack of MoJo but I fear I would bore you....what do you mean you are already!! :O))

I have to pull my finger out soon though, I have a brand new Sunday Stamper theme to do for tomorrow!!

Hels x


Andrea said...

great pictures Hels and Alfies so cute, your Mojo must of gone on holiday with mines, maybe they are having a week living it up xx

Hels said...

I think they must be hun....perhaps they will come home in time for Wednesday!!! Hope so!!! BTW, looked up in the book and the nest and egg are from Dunnocks

Simone said...

I hope you get your MoJo back soon. Mine left today and I have spent most of the day reading blogs. The birds nest is very pretty especially with the little bit of blue egg left inside. I wonder what your cat made of it?!

Linda Elbourne said...

Well - after spending 59.95 on embossing powder .... I can't find my MOJO now either! You would think I could think of something to do with all that embossing powder now would n't you LOL Great piccies BTW

Jennie said...

aaaw, it will return, mine is all in my head...and mostly in the spare room if you know what I mean!! LOL..xxxxx

Joy said...

Phew! I thought you were showing us a piccie of Alfies dinner at first!!!! Fab photos. xx hope your mojo returns soon Hels - I know that feeling too well xx

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing this Hels, it's a lovely little tale, even about you standing and 'helping'. Hopefully your little foary into nature has helped you find your Mojo :-D
Love Little Lion xx

Anne said...

Obviously that was meant to be 'foray' :-O lol
Little Lion xx

Karen said...

What a cute `find' in your garden - thanks for sharing. My Mojo went off somewhere too Hels, but I think its come back now so hopefully yours wont be away for too long either xxx

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