Sunday, 23 March 2008

Introducing.....Lenny the Lizard

Today I have passed all boundaries! I have altered a lizard!! It was really funny, my stepson came into the craftroom to ask me what I was doing. I replied " I am painting glue onto a lizard". Bless him, I bet those are words he never thought he would hear!!

I know you probably all think I have lost the plot but actually, it is a little rubbery plastic lizard.

This is what the lizards look like before the make-over:

First I painted him with some Duo gluey stuff that goes tacky once dry. Then I used gilding flakes and covered him with them. I painted a little more glue on and then dabbed Perfect Pearls Aged Patina powder on him. I added a couple of mini gems for eyes and he is reborn!! :O))

And here he is transformed!!

Isn't he cute!!!

Thanks for looking

Hels x


Andrea said...

I dont think you have lost the plot I know you have LOL but Lenny is cute xx

Hels said...

YOu are right Andrea!! I have lost it!! :O))

Ann said...

I think Lenny the Lizard is fab Hels!! He looks much better now than he did before & probably feels better too!!! LOL!! XXX

Anna Jones said...

How cute! what a great idea. I gotta try some of my kids toys (wonder what my kids will think of that)

Shaz said...

Lenny looks Lovely Hels and yes you are crazy :) xx

jennieoneinamillion said...

one of my favourite techniques :)

Angie C said...

I love lenny's new clothes Hels, he's looking fab

craftyscot said...

WOW! what a makeover you have given him, much better looking now bless him

Linda Elbourne said...

Looks great Hels - bet he pulls :0))

I love him more than I love mini creme egss :0))

Sue said...

What a handsome Lizard - bet Alfie cat is staying clear though!!

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