Friday, 7 September 2007

In My Life

I have always loved The Beatles. The song, In My Life has always been my favourite and I found inspiration in the song to make a little book for my husband.

When I hear the song, I imagine myself taking a journey through my life to the places I have been and the people I have met during my life. And, I get to the end of this journey, which is the present and I have my love. My husband is my greatest friend, soul mate and my very favouritest I wanted to make him something to show him how I feel.

I have used various mediums to create the book. The backgrounds on the pages are created by using Distress Pads and Dabbers and spritzing water.

The stamps are by Tim Holtz Collection/StampersAnonymous, Catslife Press, Crafty Individuals, and Invoke Arts.

Throughout the book you will see "Look" or and eye in a magnifying glass....this means there are....well, I will let you find out for yourself and see what you make of it!!

Thanks for looking and I would love to hear your comments.



Dan said...

Beautiful work Hels, as always! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! :)

Lyds x said...

Absolutely stunning Hels x
I love that book for more than one reason xx

Andrea said...

its a fantastic piece of art, well done Hels x

Hels said...

Thanks peeps for your lovely kind comments xx

Linda said...

Stunning book Hels, brilliant idea to do it with the song lyrics as the theme

Grim said...

What a pleasant surprise it was to receive this. A lovely keepsake, from a very talented lady, and I'll treasure it forever. Always your ever loving hubby XX

shazzapat said...

love this book Hels, Graham is a lucky man

Irene said...

fantastic as always hels you are a very talented lady

Voodoo Vixen said...

This is stunning - what a beautiful gift.

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