Sunday, 9 September 2007

Tim Holtz Style ATCs

Here are three ATCs I made for a Tim Holtz Style swap. I used Distress Pads to get the background colours and then used my friend Linda's Melt Pot and put shrink plastic into it to make little tiles. The effect is really good because the intense heat of the liquid embossing powder makes the plastic shrink but at the same time it coats it too. (I will add that whilst I was using Linda's Melt Pot I did nearly take her eye out cos I accidently flicked a bit of the liquid embossing powder!!) Once the tiles were cooled, I used co-ordinating alcohol inks and inked the back of the tile so it matched in with the overall look. The best tiles are the ones that have air bubbles in them because they act as a little magnifying glass over the image you place them on!

The stamps I used were Tim Holtz Collection & Invoke Arts.

As a little extra embellishment, I used alcohol ink and covered a mini domino in co-ordinating colours again and applied it to the ATC.


Ann said...

I adore all three Hels, lovely colours, Lion stamp is one of my faves & the little tiles are superb
^--^ !!! Didn't know you could put shrink plastic into melting pot, but then I've never used a melting pot or shrink plastic!!! My 'TO DO' List is forever growing thanks to your inspiration Hels xxxx

Hels said...

Ann....there is a whole chapter on the second Tim DVD....I haven't got a Melt Pot but it was fun playing!! Thanks for your lovely comments xx

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