Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I Challenge Thee... A Revisited Recipe!

...cor blimey, it has been toooo long since Ellen and I did a good old I Challenge Thee!  Seriously, the last time was August!  Anyways, we had a proper Skypey sesh on Sunday... and being as Ellen has a bit of a Mojo deficit going on, I suggested we do a "revisit" of an old one to see how differently we would make it now.  The one I chose was from 6th January this year... not that long but enough for styles and preferences to change right?  Well, erm... in my case... wrong!  Cos whilst I did the whole recipe, I still managed to go right OTT with the embellies... nowt new there then eh?  Here's the recipe - please do feel free to use the recipe too, if you do, please show us what you created too :O)

Large Canvas
Scraped Paint Technique
Embossing/Texture Paste
Stabilo ALL Pencil *aka The Magic Pencil*
Word - not stamped
Tissue Paper Stamping collage
Ink Sprays
Drawn border/edging
Embellies of choice *uh-oh, I knew I would go OTT!*

So. My canvas is a 12" x 9" canvas and isn't deep edged, which I do prefer but being as this was the only one I could find, I used it.   The colours are predictable for me aren't they?  Well, if you CLICK HERE you will be transported away on the back of a giant paper flower to see the original canvas I made.   When you get back I will prove that it is different... sort of....  ok, yes, that one is predictable too... brown!  I know, browns, greens, blues... one day I will use bright colours and shock myself stupid (mmm, stupid already so not much shocking needed for that!)

The scraped paint is done with a spatula.  Ellen uses a plastic credit card scrapery thing... I prefer the spatula method as I feel more in control... plus, don't tell anyone but my hands are rubbish and I tend to drop the plastic credit card scrapery thing all over the job... teehee.  Tissue stamping - using Wendy's fabby Watering Can Archival from the Ranger Designer series... that colour makes my heart sing!  It is THE perfect and proper shade of grey to *be there* without *being there!* if you know what I means.  The stamp is the gorgeous background from Heirloom Art from Wendy Vecchi too. And the tissue is always a cosmetic tissue... whilst it is more delicate to work with, to me it kind of dissolves in the Glue & Seal so you can't see the edges so much.   The stencil is from Imagination Crafts and the embossing paste is my fave Wendy Vecchi Dreamweaver Matte Black... this stuff is THE best... like a moussey lushly smoothy bouncy paste.  Perfect.  

Once all that dried, I painted a two tone border (yep, predictable... but I loves it...) and then the embellies.  LOTS of them.  I haven't seen Ellen's finished creation... but I kind of know that there won't be many embellies... because that is the massive difference with us.  I go totes over the top with chucking flowers and metal and stuff... Ellen is more restrained... mmm, I needs to try and be more restrained... just to see how I gets on!  The ink spray part of the recipe came in with the coloring of the flowers - check out Kaisercrafts new paper blooms... they are GORGEOUS... and the base colours of the roses are Sage (wish I hadn't gone so mad with the Black Marble Dylusions, over did those a wee bit) and I added some blue Cosmic Shimmer spray for blingyness too.  Then the tonne of embellies... all were tinted with Treasure Gold Pewter and Sapphire to tone them in.  Oh and the leaves... painted with Forest Moss Distress Paint.  Do you like the word???   That is like a big metal buckle.  Dan got me it from Michael's for my birthday... and I been saving it for a spesh project... so thanks Dan, excellent taste my friend!    And there you have it!  So, you wanna see the original one now?  I have to say... out of the two, I prefer the first one... I think it is because the size of canvas is perfect for me. I get a bit scaredy kittycat when I start on a larger size.. but hey, it is a challenge after allAnd I also prefer the colours on the original... and it was a deep edge canvas...

Don't forget to bob over to our Ellen's place for a nosey at her amazing creation.  I am saying amazing even though I ain't seen it finished cos it will be... I just know it.  I saw it after the painty bit had been done and I was a-drooling big stylee. Anyways, I guess that is more than enough wafflingtons from me for one day.   I have class kits to get ready for my classes this weekend at Busy Bee's weekend retreat in Sheffield... and also, my old war wound is really playing up again... grrrrr... so I will be resting up too.  Well, thank heavens for Victor the Vagabond, he die cuts all my stuff so efficiently... saves straining meself lol   Thanks for looking, have a grand day... TTFN

Hels x


Mrs O crafty blog said...

Fantabulous as always Mrs... Px

rachel said...

wonderful canvas Hels - I think I prefer this one - blues always sing to me xx

carol edwards said...

These are both gorgeous Hels, hard to choose between them x

Shazza said...

Hels I love them both but I would opt for the recent one because it would go perfectly with the colours in my living room lol

Helen said...

Totally beautiful as always, I love the colours, on this one.

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Hels, these are absolutely STUNNING!!!! I just gotta have a play once I got my Christmas cards made! :)

Linda xxx

Ellen's is fab too loving her new addition too :)

Carole Z said...

Fab creations Hels and so is Ellen's. Thor is soooo cute and in the end a lucky little kitty to have been found by Ellen and her husband. I will never ever understand how people can be so cruel as to just dump an animal in this way :( hugs Carole Z X

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, Wow !! oh Wow !! I love this canvas, the colours are 'to die for' and the flowers and embellies are stunning. I don't think you have 'gone OTT' at all, perhaps that's because I'm a 'more is more' kinda girl haha.
I'm just going over to see Ellen's masterpiece now. Have a lovely day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

snazzyoriginal said...

Stunning xx

Joanne said...

I've just popped over to and back from Ellen's (stayed a while to oodle over Thor) and I can't decide between either canvas. You are both so darn clever and talented.

Edith said...

Wow wow wow - two more beauties! Love your richly detailed creations! Simply stunning! Edith

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