Saturday 13 July 2013

Configure Yourself....

...aha, a play on words!  Well, now I am sitting here singing Consider Yourself from Oliver!  And I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be crooning As Long As He Needs Me very soonly!   Anyways... firstly, apologies for the extended leave of absence this week.... what with Grim being on nights (ergo, me turning into a mousely creature) and me feeling thoroughly wretched, very little has been going on in the Room of Stash.  Well, actually, all I have done in the Room of Stash is finish off my Configurations Box and unpack workshop boxes from last weekend.... apart from that... I have done... NOWT!

I finally got this finished on Wednesday night... then I forgot to take pics on Thursday and it was too dark when I finally remembered... and then yesterday, well, all I shall say is "never again".  So, you know that me and Grim do like our railway stuff... and I have always been a closet trainspotter.  A few hundred years ago, when I was just a little gal, there used to be a steam train that used to flash through the little station in the place I grew up.  It was called the Scarborough Spa Express and was a "special" that ran most Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. 

The line that the trains ran on went through the wood over the back of our house... so me and Dad would be there, out in the street, tinkering with cars (ok, Dad was doing proper mechanicking, I was merely an annoying assistant)  Well, with ears pricked up we used to hear the steam train beginning the ascent to the top of the hill where the station was... and invariably we would leap into the car and roar up there.  Occasionally we were better prepared and would walk up to the station and wait (like normal people)  and once, in my excitement, Dad was chucking his tool box into the boot of the car and I tried to leap in there with it... ahem, a moment of blondness perhaps.... Anyways, the very first steam engine I ever saw was Sir Nigel Gresley.  A beautiful A4 engine... I fell in loves immediately!  Never heard of it?  Well, I am sure you will have heard of her famous sister, Mallard.  Sir Nigel was the designer of these amazing A4 engines and yesterday we went to the National Railway Museum in York for the "Great Gathering".  Which is a gathering of 6 of the beautiful A4 locomotives, all there, side by side, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mallard hitting the 126mph record.  And Sir Nigel Gresley was one of the engines... along with Dominion of Canada (that was shipped over from... yep, Canada!) Union of South Africa, Bittern, Mallard and Dwight D Eisenhower.   The queue to get in the museum wasn't too bad... moving quite quickly but already, I sussed that it was going to be a smidge busy.

What I did not expect, however, was the incredible displays of ignorance, rudeness and downright selfishness of many of the other people who had, indeedily, gone to see the Great Gathering.  Firstly, there were thousands of people milling around the engines, yes we all wanted to get close and see them... but the rudeness!  Never have I experienced such bad behaviour amongst fellow man.  And... aswell as all of that... I finally got my super-power!  Oh yesh, I turned invisible... well, at least to the great clod who stood on my foot (and I mean a proper full weight of the huge great oaf right on my foot which was in a Birki sandal... mmmm ouch!) ...looked around at me when I said "ouch" and who then promptly swung his camera bag over his shoulder and clouted me in the face with it!   Needless to say, Grumpy Hels came to stay.... and oh boy, she stayed for the rest of the day!   I will be honest, it was an amazing experience to see my favourite engine, to be able to see the other engines, especially the ones that don't live in the UK, all together... but really?  If you are going to go to the Great Gathering - which finishes early next week - be prepared... wear hobnail boots, a hard hat and take a little electric fan with you... you will needs it!

Anyways... moodiness aside, it was a lovely day as I managed to spend a whole one with Grim!  He has been on nights this week, I hate it when he is on nights, the noises in the house are always mahooosive amplified when he isn't here and I appear to have turned into a scaredy cat!  And it would be rude of me not to mention that on Thursday we went to London to see Grim be presented with his 35 year badge as a member of ASLEF.  Yep, my old man reached his 35th year anniversary on the railway last week.  I am so very proud of him, I don't know many people who are still in the same job since leaving school!  Quite an achievement... he is aiming for 50 years service (which I reminded him is just 15 years *teehee*) and knowing Grim and his love of his job, I wouldn't be surprised if he got a 60 year badge too!      Right, I have waffled enoughly... hope you are all coping with this heat... tis a bit too humid for me but I can't complain as it is so nice to see the sunshines!   Thanks for looking.... check back tomorrow for a new Sunday Stamper theme and I promise I will be a better blogger next week!  TTFN

Hels x

24 comments: said...

Love your configuration Box Hels and am impressed at how much you know about the trains. I love the Mallard but I will never forget the thrill of watching the Flying Scotsman go past our house as kids when it was off for repairs. Everyone stood waiting in the field near the track for an hour to get a glimpse as I flew by.

Aquarius said...

Just love this box - fabulous. You've inspired me to buy one for myself to alter - hurry up postie!! Loved your story about the visit to York and envy you seeing all those beautiful locos together - awesome. Such a shame about the rudeness of other folk though - people are often so thoughtless - I'm sure REALLY serious steam train fans wouldn't be like that.

Joanne said...

Grim, congratulations. To be happy at work is something rare but to be happy for 35 years certainly deserves a medal.
Hels, love your config box it's super. Now will you please stop singing you're going to make it rain LOL

Joanne said...

Grim, congratulations. To be happy at work is something rare but to be happy for 35 years certainly deserves a medal.
Hels, love your config box it's super. Now will you please stop singing you're going to make it rain LOL

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW I love your box its amazing, I really need to make mine, its been sitting naked for about a year now!!How Rude!!!
So sorry to hear about the nasty people on your trip. Some not very well brought up folks in the world today :(

Congrats to Grim on his badge!! Brilliant to have been in the job so long,

Love Hazelxo

Unknown said...

Dear Hels & Grim,
Many Congratulations on achieving your 35 Year Medal! Here is to the next 15 years of devotion to a job that so obviously gives you great satisfaction and happiness!
Glad you are back, Hels; missed your tidings as well as your inspiration.
Your Box is a masterpiece, and I have no doubt that it will be a welcome home to many of your future pieces of Art.
Take it steady, now, and look after each other.
Love from me,
Lis xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oooh! Don't know which is more exciting - well I do actually, your configuration box is fantastic - as I knew it would be! Congratulations to Grim, not just for the years put in but for finding a job that keeps him happy, it does make difference! You will have to come up to our caravan some day, being in Carnforth we get regular sights of steam trains going over the bridge - we can hear them coming so make a dash to the bottom of the garden to see them go over then run round the end of the van to see them go along the back of the site!! There is nothing like that smell or sound!
Hugs, Chrisxx

Rita said...

My gob is well and truly smacked after looking at all the fantastic elements in your box,or shall I say boxes. Hels, there is no end to your talents and this is just magnificent. Congratulations to Grim on all those years of service. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Rita xx

Gerrina said...

What a great boxes-art work! Just keep looking and seeing new things... Have a sunny weekend! Gerrina

Inkypinkycraft said...

Hels this is packed full of absolute yumminess! What a fab make , hugs trace x
Hope you start to feel a bit better soon, ...must be son has just been diagnosed with CFS and it is certainly a steep learning curve for us! Take care hugs trace x

whyducks said...

Wow that is wonderful! Congats to the lovely Grim. I hope you are feeling better and your toes recover quickly! xxx

Unknown said...

Congrats to Grim! Glad you enjoyed York and the trains. Love the configurations box, but then I love all your stuff. One the subject of trains, On summer Sunday evenings a steam train leaves Leeds and comes along the line thro Shipley, maybe to Skipton, not sure. A couple of years ago I was in Leeds station when it arrived, it took me back to my childhood, WoW when it pulled in!, I got on my Shipley diesel, just after I got off in Shipley it came tho the station. They just tug at your heart!! Going up to Carlisle this summer on the train, but just on the diesel, but what a train trip!! Axxx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Hels this sure is stunning! I love the gorgeous embellishments and the fabulous configuration of your box.

Linda xxxx

Jen Shep said...

Hi Hels Love your configuration box, you have inspired me as usual. Glad you had a good day out at York a long time since we have been but love the atmosphere, and congratulations to Grim for 35 years service quite a feat today to have worked for a firm for so long, but when you love what you do and are happy it's no chore

Jen Shep said...

Hi Hels Love your configuration box, you have inspired me as usual. Glad you had a good day out at York a long time since we have been but love the atmosphere, and congratulations to Grim for 35 years service quite a feat today to have worked for a firm for so long, but when you love what you do and are happy it's no chore

LoraineC said...

Congratulations Grim what an achievement, good to see you back Hels although I have enjoyed seeing photos of your garden on Facebook, can't waste this weather. Love your configurations box xx

carol edwards said...

Hi Hels love the configuration box and your train stories. No excuse for rudeness and it really annoys me congratulations to Grim on his award.

Redanne said...

Congratulations to Grim on his fantastic achievement - and still loving the job too - that's great! Love your configurations box Hels, it is a magnificent work of art. Sorry about the rudeness of some folk, hope your foot is OK now and that you feeling much better. Hugs, Anne x

chrissie said...

It is so wonderful and has great ideas as inspiration. I have had a box for ages and keep wondering where to start with it :(

Love Chrissie x

jane gray said...

Morning hels.

Love you finished master piece, so worth the wait.

Would love to go and see the big 6, our son who has ASD loves trains along with his daddy. Unfortunatley it is to far for us to get to so hoping to spend some time with thomas and his friends on the watercress line again this year, just as long as it is not to hot.

Dont feel to guilty about the lack of blogging. If itmakes you feel better i havent posted since feburary! Bang goes my new years resoloutin! Hope to get back in to it over the next week as i have a load of cards that i want to post, esp all the xmas cards i have been doing this week!

Take care
Jane x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Hels, My Graham has driven 'Sir Nigel Gresley' steam engine, he was on a Driver Experience Day many moons ago, and my favourite engine of all time is 'Mallard', G is a volunteer at a preserved steam railway in Staffordshire, he used to be a Fireman on the said Railway but it got too much for him shovelling all day so now he just goes down to volunteer and loves to get 'mucky'. The way how you worded your post you sounded like the 'Railway Children' ha ha. It was a truly magical time, and I love the smell of the smoke, still.
Your configuration box is stunning.
Congratulations to your Graham for his fantastic accolade.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

nannapat said...

Fantastic piece of art Hels, absolutely gorgeous. Not into trains myself but your story about rudeness certainly rang a few bells. Manners seem to be dying out I'm sorry to say. Pat x

Cardgenie said...

Hels, you have my full sympathy! I get just as annoyed at peeps' rudeness. In fact I get trolley rage in Sainsbos when peeps stand in front of the very thing you want, gassing on their moby, totes oblivious to the steaming person throwing visual daggers in their back! As for your poor tootsie - well, I'd would have been sorely tempted to lump the offending owner! By the way - your consideration piece is totes fabbo! Love Jean

Caroline said...

Ere, d'yu know... I was singing (or warbling, can't believe I was ever head choir girl, anywaaaayys)
Who will buy this wonderful morning, such a sky... Er hmm..
Golly me, aren't peeps so rude??!! If that'd bn me, he would have had a few choice words said to him (in a very articulate old school polite voice)..
Sorry it's been tough for you recently... Do wish u better time to come!
Your configuration box is Totes Amazeballs Hels!! Would love to do something like this but tthink I'd have to do all from scratch as (yep, my now tiresome moan), can't pay for one. That'll be my excuse I expect till....
I am wondering now down Tangent Lane so will love 'n' leave. Take care, Congrats to G & squidge for Alfie cat.. :)))

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