Monday, 22 October 2012

A Bit of This and A Lot of That...

...aha, you see, I actually managed to title a post properly!  Anyways, this is a photo heavy post, I have a lot to show you!  Starting with a Studio 490 creation from my demo day on Saturday.  This is using the Hearts, Love & Stars Art Parts pack, some Tim papers, some Distress Ink, some embossing powders and a Wildflower from the Art Part/Stamp set. 

Covering Art Parts with paper is soooo simples!  Pop some Cosmic Glue (or other strong wet glue) onto the Art Part, stick to the back of your paper, use a craft knife to cut the shape out, sand the edges to tidy them up... tis done! Really that easy!  I covered both hearts with Tim's Lost & Found papers and sanded the edges then blended them a smidge with Aged Mahogany and then edged them with a smidge of Queen's Gold Embossing Powder (my fave gold).   Sticking them together, adding the word - which is coloured with Aged Mahogany and adding smidges of gold embossing to that too, is again sooo easy!  (remember, I can't do difficult lol)

The little heart is an Embellish Your Art Blossom Bucket piece, starting life as cream and with a bit of Plum Archival and a spot of overstamping with Black Archival made it match my design.   If you do use Archival's to colour your embellies, just remember to heat them to set the ink... otherwise you end up a mucky pup!

Remember yesterday  I mentioned my little helper Bayleigh?  She is a little sweetie indeedily.  Addicted to crafting at the age of 10 already and she totally gets the "need" for things too ;o)  Here is her lovely creation that she made especially for me.. bless!  I shall treasure it.   And the other pic is of us together.  How cute is she!!!   

I said this one is heavy with pics... well, it is!  Remember Albert the Spider whom has been living with us for about 12 weeks now?  Well, he is a silly sausage, every night I go out and watch him making his web.  And for the past few days I have been telling him to attach his web to the branches of the Acer because the leaves are all falling off.  Did he listen?  NO!  Here's his web this morning... tis still a work of art, just a wonky one.

And here he is... hiding behind a garden ornament... I don't blame him though, the weather is pretty ropey out there today.  About an hour ago, I couldn't even see the trees properly at the bottom of the garden. 

Speaking of trees... a couple of the trees in the Spinney are filling me with big smiles.  I love this time of year, the colours that Mother Nature throws at us...the only drawback is that there are very lots of leaves on the trees... and very lots of them will be all over our garden in a few weeks time... good job we have one of those sucky-uppy garden vaccuum jobbies!

Oh and whilst I was prancing about outside (am still in my jammies too, don't tell anyone!) I spotted this web, isn't it a beauty. Obviously this spider has more sense than Albert.  Trust me to adopt a thick spider lol

Yesterday was one of those days!  Up stooopid early for our trip to Brands Hatch.  We had planned to set up on the South Bank and I had the camping stove and breakfast stuff ready to cook when we got there.  Best laid plans and all that. Because it was so wet, they had closed that part and everywhere was pretty full of cars already parked.  So, we were directed under some trees.  Which is where it got a bit dicey.  That was like a bog... and Gordon Golf wasn't liking the slippyslideyness of the mud.  Thankfully Grim is calm in a crisis and got Gordon out of the mud and we moved to another bit that wasn't quite as boggy.  Still mucky muddy though but we had enough space to get the old camping stoves out.   Thankfully Grim had an old blanket in the boot of the car so I could stand on that.  I was wearing my "new" trainers, which are beige and pink... mmm, quite.  They are now beige and pink with mud splats! (you can just see them in the bottom right of the photo)  Mind you, the bacon, sausage, egg and mushroom rolls were rather yummy :O))

Then the heavens opened.  And it rained.  And rained some more. And then, just for good measure, it rained even more and got blustery.  Plato's car is ruuuubbish in the wet so we knew his title chances were shot.   This photo was taken about midday - I know, how dark and yuk is it!!! 

So, we made an executive decision to leave right after Race 2, pace it home and be back in time to watch Race 3 on the telly.  Which is what we did.... finally thawing out and drying out several hours later.  Remind me next time I have a hare-brained idea to go and sit outside in late October that it is better to sit indoors and watch the telly!  Anyways, I have awarded meself a day off today... I am going to poddle into town and have a mooch around the shops, then I am coming home and snuggling in front of the fire with my AlfieCat and we are going to watch an old film... not sure which one it will be yet but it sounds like a plan right?   Thanks for looking!!! TTFN

Hels x


EmmaT said...

Morning Hels - am i first today? Lovely projects today both by you and your new friend, wish i'd been that good at 10! Poor incy spider getting wet and blown about. Poor you in the mud y/day, mind you it will be a day to remember! Emma

Astrid Maclean said...

Awe, what a shame, here the weather was just glorious!!

Loving your art piece and that new wee friendy of yours has some real talent there at age 10. And the two of you in the Room of Stash look just great!! Love the spidery photos too apart from that close up one, it looks seriously creepy.... (I don't like creepy, neither in the light nor the dark)...
So agree about the magic colours of Autumn, it's my fav time of year!
Hope you are having a good week....

Joanne said...

Be scared, be very scared, that there Bayleigh will be on tele before long. What a talent. As for your spider, he's a whimp hiding away just 'cos it's cold!! Not sure I would have gone to all that trouble to make a butty, I would have found a burger van and paid the price. The gorgeous smell of bacon from those things drives me mad at outdoor shows etc. Glad you've thawed out anyway.
Joanne xx

ellen vargo designs said...

Awwwwww... that Bayleigh is a real cutie! And the piece she made for you is amazing! And she's only 10? Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for your BTCC day - poo. Those spiderwebs are impressive! And Albert... OMG - he's looks HUGE! EEK! Don't let him in the house or he'll bite you! Missing you - come on January!

Els xxx

Rita said...

What a fantastic crafter little Bayleigh is, her work is brilliant. Pity your day out wasn't in Scotland yesterday where we had the most beautiful warm & sunny day. Love your art piece Hels, it is really stunning. Hugs Rita xx

Annie said...

Fabulous 490 projects Hels. Super crafty make by your new bf. the spiders webs are amazing....real works of art. Have to say I would rather have spiders than flies.

Hugs Annie x

Marleine said...

Hi Hels,
Both projects are fab.
Looks like you have plenty of pics to scrap into a booklet. Love days like that then snuggling at home. X

Jenny Marples said...

Oh Hels, we seriously felt for you and Grim watching the weather getting worse - seriously good idea to leave early as it got even worser(?!) and darker to boot. Good idea to take some time out, though the weather isn't much better today and it's forecast to get REALLY cold by Friday. Great.
Anyway, to more important things, love your love:) You always know how to get the best out of these Studio 490 lovlies. And your pressie is just gorgeousness. It seems there is a budding Hels jnr. getting inky fingers! Have a great week, hugs Buttons x

Planetsusie said...

Hi Hels - have been off a week so am just back to checking out blogs. Love the pieces that you have made over the last week - really beautiful. My hubby is such a fan of the cars and always watches and is impressed that there are some ladies out there who also love to watch - just because I don't!!!

As for Albert - what can I say - all legs and no ruddy ears!!!

Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

Redanne said...

Hi Hels, I take it that Plato did not win then? Love the gorgeous 490 piece, great colours and the little heart is beautiful. Bayleigh is quite a talent for 10 years old - wow, she will have to become your protege. Such a shame about the weather, it was lovely here all weekend but back to rain, rain and more rain today though. Hugs, Anne x

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Hels, Glad you have recovered from the cold and wet, I couldn't believe what really bad weather you had, we had a really lovely sunny day here, such a shame when you were all so looking forward to it. Hope you have had a great day off today.
I love your art part project today, it is super, I love everything about it.
Bayleigh is one talented 10 year old, and really pretty too.
I love the spiders' webs they are gorgeous, I love seeing them when they have frost on them. We have a potted christmas tree outside the front kitchen window and there are 15 spiders on webs, all different sizes, some mahoosive and some teeny-tiny, I find them fascinating.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

butterfly said...

What a great post - sad about the weather though! Love the look you've given to the Studio 490 stuff here... great layering, and "bravo!" to Bayleigh too - what lovely work!
Alison x

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