Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ta Dah...

And a Very Happy New Year to you all!!! I hope that 2o12 brings you much love, happiness, health and of course, inkyness lol So... I had better explain myself firstly... well, you know I said that the old cad Mojo has waltzed orf... well, he is still away! How rude! Anyways... being as I haven't got a single crafty thought in my head I soon realised that there was little point in labouring over something to make a Sunday Stamper for this week... so I made an exekertive decision and... I have decided to make last weeks theme of "Anything" continue on for the next week... so in effect, it is a two-weeker! I hope that you lovely folks don't mind... the Sunday Stamper will return next Sunday with a brand new challenge though.. that is a dead cert because even if the old Mojo hasn't come home, I will try and do something! So... seeing as Mojo is away on his jollies, I thought I had better get my fingers a bit inky and finish off my 12 Tags CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DEETS... I know, talk about leaving it to the last minute. Well, I managed to make tags 4 - 7 on Friday night and then spent the most of yesterday faffing about making the rest of them. There were a few nice surprises for me along the way of making these... here they are... with my comments :O))

Tag 4
Well, as soon as I saw this one I fell in lurve with it and I loved every single thing on it... especially using the Movers & Shapers in the snowman... I am going to use that technique so much from now on!

Tag 5
Honestly... I wasn't much bothered about this one... until I set about making it... it is such an effective technique - one that I do use but not enough! So... that's going to be in the vault to be used a-plenty in 2012.

Tag 6
Really... I mean there's always one that isn't a fave... isn't there? Well, this one was the one I liked least of all... until, that is, I made it. OMG! I absolutely LOVE this one and it is most certainly my fave. Believe me, those photo's do not do it justice at all! I did make a booboo and dragged the Walnut pad across the metal instead of blending it but I really like the vintagey shabby look it has given me... a most certain to be used very lots technique is this one!

Tag 7
Ah... well even though I hadn't made the tag, I did use this design on loads of my Xmas makes this year.. simple, classy and beautiful it is.

Tag 8
Mixing Steampunk with Christmas? I would NEVER have thought to do this... which is why I am sooooo happy that Tim is our esteemed leader cos that guy keeps coming up with these FAB ideas... gotta love him!

Tag 9
Well, I lurve the technique... and doing it as a "double" corrrr. I didn't have the right background stamp so I used a big Studio 490 stamp... lurve the colours and the effects.

Tag 10
Now, being as I am a lazy moobag, I have tried the image transfer technique and always thought it to be a bit faffy... but seeing as I have not a single smidge of creativity in me at the moment, I thought I would do it the proper way... and OMG again... yayayaaa... wow and thrice... the faux mercury glass is fantastic! And I tried to do faux mercury baubles... ahem... well, they are pretty if nowt else... bunging two large baubles into a baggy with Metallic Mixative in... cute!

Tag 11
I need to practise blending DI's onto Glossy card... my blending is leaving a very lot to be desired but it is a technique I haven't tried before and I do like the very retro plasticky look and of course, anything with the Melt Pot is going to be perfect for me!

Tag 12
I am such a dur-brain! A few months ago I sold off some stuff on eBay... and by accident listed the wrong Strip die... and sold off my Vintage Market alpha... errrm... and needed it. So... without that I improvised and used Grungeboard letters... well, they is okies I guess! I loved that whole wrinkly tissue wrap thing... am going to be using that a very lot too!

And here's a couple of pics with them together... couldn't get them all into the one photo... too cramped!

And finally.... a message... THANK YOU each and every person who has taken time out to leave me a comment and to join in with the Sunday Stamper during 2011. It certainly was an amazing year for me... being able to do the Tim class at Artsy Crafts in February was awe inspiring. Then having the priviledge of being able to attend Ranger U in May... and getting to visit Ellen for the first time (heck, my first visit to the US of A - which I have fallen in lurve with) Then being able to teach some more classes... and do some demo-ing... and the most wonderful experience when I got to visit Ellen for the second time AND... getting to not only meet Wendy Vecchi but also take part in her utterly amazing classes... memories I will always have with me! I have met some wonderful people through this thing called craft and through the Blogasphere. It has been a brilliant adventure so far and I don't know about you but I am going to stay on this journey because it is most rewarding and... above all... fun.

Anyways... enough of me being all deep and meaningful, I shall only get all soppy and start blubbing (flying snarlygogs are not a pretty sight lol) As ever, thanks for looking.... have a brilliant 2012.... TTFN

Hels x


Georgie Horn said...

I am so jeally of your wonderful tags. Even though you say your mojo has ran away---I see a-plenty right here. Come by for a New Year's eve sing along...

Art By Wanda said...

You really cranked them out!!! Fabulous!!!! Happy New Year to you, Hels!!! I lurve your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

busymartha said...

Great job Hels, Happy New Year, Marilyn

Ink Art Designs said...

lol...I have to say, you rock Hels!!!
Have a Happy New Year!

Yvonne said...

Happy New Year, Hels!

Your tags are GORGEOUS.

Here is my entry.

kristie said...

Dearest Hels.. I adore you! I dont comment much because quite frankly blogger can sometimes make commenting SUCH a pain in the arse. BUT I do visit you at least weekly and I find you so funny and so very inspiring! So I wanted to take a moment on this new years eve to thank you.
thanks for the chuckles
thanks for the mojo
thanks for making over 330 blog posts this year!
hugs Kristie

Helen said...

Gorgeous tags, what hard work - if that doesn't get the mojo working I don't know what will.... Happy New Year Hels, hope to see you soon.

Mandy Makes and Mends said...

Love the tags Hels they are fab .......hope your mojo returns soon .....happy new year to you....I have had a break from all challenges over the festivities and looking forward to getting back ....all the best x

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely work. There must be some mojo there! Happy New Year to you and yours! Valerie

Brenda Brown said...

Oh Hels, you never cease to inspire and to entertain, you are one in a million. Your tags are fabulous and you have made me want to go back and finish the lot for myself too. I am soooo looking forward to another year of fun.
My very best wishes to you and your family, for a year full of love, health, peace and happiness.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox
PS I am entering my piece from today for your challenge.

Shazza said...

Happy New Year Hels, hope it's a wonderful one for you. Loving the tags hun, gorjuss!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Hels. Great tags - well done for completing them. Love, Julia xx

Jennie Atkinson said...

Happy New Year to you Hels! and I just love your 12 tags. I'm a daily/weekly visitor to your blog and just love all the work you do - all so inspiring, but you always make me laugh with your comments. I am looking forward to YOUR coming year as much as my own. Best wishes.

Dee in N.H. said...

Just fabby tags!!! I wish my lack of mojo looked that gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creativity with us. Looking forward to the new year!

Minxy said...

Happy New Year sweet, may this year be healthy and successful for you xx

Inkypinkycraft said...

Great tags, happy new year!! Hugs trace x

Anonymous said...

Way to rock the tags, Hels. Looks like Mr. Mojo is just around the corner today. Happy 2012!
Vicki B. in WNY

Hettie said...

Happy New Year to you Hels. Lovely tags there. Gonna try and join in a little more with you this year!!

Sue West said...

A Very Happy New Year to you Hels. Your Tags are fabulous, I still on number 5! Thank you for all the fab inspiration and great workshops over the last year.
Here's a tag for the Sunday Stamper.
Sue xx

Caz said...

Wow - you've certainly been getting through them!!

First ever Sunday Stamper entry.....

Wasn't sure where to put it so I've put it here and on the original post.

Happy New Year Hels

Dan said...

I really must wear my glasses more regularly - I honestly thought you'd called this post "To Dan..." LOL I was thinking "oh no, now what have I done?" LOL
Happy New Year too! :)

ElizabethR said...

All tags are fab, can't choose a bestist one! Happy New Year Elizabeth x

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I just love you!!! Your blog is always a joy! Your tags are all gorgeous, and I love your top 10 especially number spoke to me!!! I need to make a butterfly like that! Happy New Year...I look forward to seeing more of your crafty things!

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