Friday 10 June 2011

Mad Hatter Day... today... well in the UK it is because we do the date as 10/6. This Mad Hatter is from the pen of Mabel Lucie Attwell, the stamps are available from The Artistic Stamper... who just so happen to be sponsoring The Altered Alice challenge this month. I have had a right good old nosey over there and you should see the divine art that their team has made... well worth a hoppety hop over there **did you see what I did there... hoppety.. like a wabbit lol**

Anyways... I made a quicky card using the Mad Hatter's Tea Party stamp, colouring in with a heap of Distress Inks and a waterbrush and then I printed off a few little words that I reckon the wabbit may well have asked... I used Word and "A Charming Font" font... isn't it just the best!! I was trying to find the one that was used in the movie but couldn't so opted for this one as it is similar.

Another lightning fast, super speedy post from me... mainly cos I have been playing with ink for most of the day and my hands are covered in the stuff... like seven shades of mucky... and I have to get the tea on... I made a chicken curry at 8am this morning and it has been slowly infusing all day so hopefully it will be nice and spicy and scrummy... can't beat a nice bit of curry! Part of the Challenge for this month is to bring something to the party... so I am taking the curry lol So, what you got for tea? Or should I say dinner? Where I come from it was always dinner and then tea... dinner at lunch time and tea at dinner time.. I know, confusing... I am sure that peeps from the North of England will know exactly what I am waffling on about... right... curry... best go otherwise I will start waffling on even more and it will be more like suppertime lol!! Thanks for looking... TTFN!

Hels x


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great easel card Hels, love that font and the sentiment too, could just imagine the White rabbit saying it LOL Tracy x

Artyjen said...

OMG! You are font junkie too! LOL
Love the colours (and the font!).
I'd love to come for curry night...sounds scrummy.
I'm having left overs (the chick pea thingy). It still tastes scrummy but it looks absolutely revolting colour wise now it's a couple of days old!!! ROFL
Have a fabby weekend
xoxo Sioux

Helen said...

Love the card. I had pasta and meatballs.... but I cheated and bought the meatballs... had a hard week at work so hoping to play this weekend!

Chris said...

ooooh what a gorgeous card Hels and you are right that font is amazing!!
Chris xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Glad you explained that Hels, I hadn't realised!!! And a gorgeous card too :)

Daniel Coleman said...

Happy Mad Hatter Day, all! (even though it's well past midnight in the UK by now)

Love the stamps!

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

ooh simple and so effective.. Happy belated Mad Hatter Day to you!

Barb Cady said...

Great way to celebrate Mad hatter day with a curry! Lovely card, great use of the stamp. Have a great weekend. x

Elaine said...

Great choice of font. Know what you mean about dinner and tea. My kids have a packed lunch at dinnertime and a cooked dinner at teatime. Makes sense to me!!

Nigel said...

Brilliant card, and the sentiment is hilarious.

Just to confuse things even more, we have lunch and tea. Dinner is for special occasions and Sundays :)

Lynne Phelps said...

Thanks for teaming up with The Altered Alice! Every tea time needs a good curry, I always say; you can never go wrong with curry, LOL! Love the easel card, love the font. If you want the one from the movie, like I used on the graphic of the design team party contributions, you can get it from dafont right here, it is called "Alice in Wonderland" (so mysterious, you would never guess it was like the movie title - oooh look, I am digressing like Hels!) by Marco Trujillo López! So where did you find your Charming font? I find it . . . er, charming!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The black border looks wonderful with your card...especially in conjuction with the dark distress along the edges.

Meme said...

I have always loved a good easel card and you nailed this one. I can say that is one dinner I would not eat!

Love the colors!

Thanks for playing with the Altered did good!

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