Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hey Baby...What's Occuring?

...Is anyone else completely mad about Gavin & Stacey? I have actually started to talk with a Welsh accent...and say things like "tidy" and "what's occuring" and "owh, Grim"...Honestly, anyone would think I really was Welsh...well, actually, here is a little known fact... I am actually quarter Welsh, my dear Gran was from that filters down doesn't it? And...another quarter of me is Irish...and ... the rest I will save for another day...don't want you falling asleep on me now!

So, the 'Hey Baby' a 3" Stampbord circle that I inked, stamped with a Crafty Individuals stamp called Snow Baby and then scratched at it...UTEE'd it and added some little gold specks of embossing powder in..and edged with Gold these colours are perfect as another entry for the Play Date Cafe's challenge this week. I used some Rusty Tin wire (which is lush..there I go again with Gavin and Stacey speak) which was a pressie from my mate Dan. I added a couple of snowflake charms which started out as silver and they have had the Gold Krylon treatment too!

The 'What's Occuring' part of the title is actually for WOYWW...which this week sees my desk looking even more messier than I have joined in once you can't stop me clicking away with the camera...showing off the messy nature that is Hels! There are some bits on my desk which will be transformed into something else later on...hopefully being able to finish it and blog later is sooo cold in my Room of Stash fingers have iced up...I am going to be very bad and use an electric heater to try and warm it up in there...the radiator has been turned off because I have a stonking great unit infront of it...nowhere else to put it and it is full of stash I don't want ruining with heat.

So, that is my ramble for this jove it was FREEZING at 7am...minus 3 according to Ferdy's thermostat...and it seems we have freezing fog decending now too! TTFN....

Hels x


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Hey Baby - that's really sweet..that little face!! Nice to see your desk is still in action Hels...and sorry about the cold...we replaced the radiator in my room with a kickspace heater that sits in the board under the cupboard that was in front of the helped!
Oh and Krylon? It's the law!

Sandy said...

OMG this is delightful.
Really sweet stamp and lovely circle hanger. I love them Hels. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Owh Hels!! What's occurring is totally gorgeous artwork by you! And thanks for your beautiful xmas card, it was 'tidy'! Can you tell I'm a fan of G & S too?! Nice one hun! xxx

Lorraine said...

Looks like porcelain..very nice. I am half Welsh ..have a great Christmas

SueH said...

You’re still crafting Hels, you put me to shame!

Loving the Snow Baby on your desk, really pretty and I also love and ‘Need’ that spinner you have for your blending thingies.


Andrea said...

thats adorable Hels and your desk looks quite tidy for you LOL take care and love to you xx

Unknown said...

That desk is far too tidy ... I might just nip round and messy it up a little :0)
Thank you for all the arty eye candy through out the year!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year XXX

Artyjen said...

Hope you have warmed up a bit by now! Love the snow baby.

Sid said...

Gorgeous piece of art Hels, love the colours and delicae shading !

Unknown said...

There had been lots ocurring here - and you are so tidy too.

I just adore the snow baby is just gorgeous - wonderful wintery colours

maddy hill said...

Hi Hels ! love the snow baby ! love that blue gorgeous !

thanks for your sympathys Hels xxxxx
Hope you have a lovely christmas xxx
love maddy xxxx

Hearts Turned said...

Fabulous, Hels! This little baby is adorable!!! So glad you could play along with us at The Cafe'! Merry Christmas to you!

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Wonderful piece of Stampbord, oh I do like that stuff! mm your desk looks a bit tidy to
Have a great Christmas
off to make mince pies now..yes at 7.00AM only time I am getting the kitchen today!
Hugs xx

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Sweet piece....your room looks very neat compared to my nasty craft studio....I need to get organized in 2010....or sooner! lol

Shar B said...

Delicate and delightful! You are so creative!

Teresa Kline said...

wow, this is gorgeous, great style.... have a wonderful day!

enjoy *~*

Lynn Stevens said...

Adorable little ornie! I hope you have recovered from Christmas and have thawed out your inky fingers from your last big freeze! LOL
Have a Fab New Year!

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